Saturday, April 25, 2009

Share Your Stories about Singapore

We recently met with Marijn van der Laan, a Dutch national living in Singapore, who has created an interesting "story-sharing" website called Singapore Treasures. It's a site for folks, both Singaporeans and foreign, to share stories and links about Singapore, particularly hidden aspects of Singapore - hence treasures. It's a little like a team blog or a sort of YouTube for stories.

There is a range of writings posted, including observations and fiction. It's still a fledgling site, with only a handful of stories currently, but the premise is an interesting one. After all, few of us have the talent to become award-winning writers, but many of us will have stories worth sharing. And few people have the time to blog regularly or be able to attract a large number of readers to their blogs, so it's useful to have such a site to post the occasional lengthy observations or acerbic comments about life! The creators also aspire to one day compile all the stories into a book, so on one level, it's also a book in the making.

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