Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memories - Book on Old Singapore

An area that Select Books has always done well in is books on old Singapore. This, of course, spans quite a length of time, but books on pre-war Singapore, colonial Singapore and post-independence Singapore are all popular, and we often receive email enquiries. Here are 5 books that we usually recommend:
  • The Singapore Letters by Rigor Mortis. These articles and letters to both the media and individuals were written between 1968 & 1995 by a medical doctor practising in Singapore who is keenly concerned with local public policy and heritage issues. The often hard-hitting writing may well have influenced opinion or policy decisions but many of the issues raised are still of ongoing relevance to the country's wellbeing as well as the tourist industry.
  • One More Story to Tell: Memories of Singapore 1930s-1980s by Chan Swee Kung. Chan Kwee Sung (1930-2002) was a popular freelance writer. These 60 short articles first appeared in the "Life" segment of the newspaper, The Straits Times. They paint a vivid picture of Singapore life and byways in the middle years of the 20th century.
  • Looking Back: A Family's History Discovered And Remembered by Martha Scully-Shepherdson. The Eurasian community in Singapore is small but it has long been an integral part of the society. The author is a descendant of the Scully and de Souza families. She uses black-and-white photographs, reminiscences, and researches on the Internet and family memorabilia to give an informal history of her extended family before, during and after World War Two.
  • That's How It Goes: Autobiography Of A Singapore Eurasian by F.A.C. "Jock" Oehlers.These memoirs by a member of one of Singapore's leading Eurasian families offers many sidelights onto Singapore's life in the mid-20th century. The author, then a dental student, tells of the hardships of his life with a young family at the Japanese-enforced agricultural settlement for Eurasians at Bahau. He tells of his career as an oral surgeon at the University and in private practice, his involvement with the development of the Singapore Kennel Club until his 1990 retirement to Perth, West Australia.

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  1. You might also like “Bullets and Train” written by Pakistani author Adeerus Ghayan ( ) . It is available for free download at Amazon Kindle and looks at terrorism in Singapore and hijacking of an MRT. It is not about Old Singapore, but in contrast, provides a different perspective on the new dangerous Singapore.