Friday, May 1, 2009

Useful Reference Books for Expats

From time-to-time we receive emails from soon-to-be expats coming to Singapore asking for recommendations on books that would provide useful information. We usually recommend the following books (as well as a couple of others depending on their specific requirements):

  • Living In Singapore. Now in its 10th edition, this is the American Association of Singapore's superb guide to living in Singapore. Expatriates will find it a useful vade mecum and source of advice on both daily needs and occasional emergencies. Official procedures and formalities are noted and transport, housing, leisure, educational and departure needs are discussed. Locations and addresses have been brought up to date and all information is usefully complemented by personal anecdotes and empathic guidance. There are illustrations, conversion tables and an index.
  • 1000 Reasons Why Singapore. This book sets out for foreigners 1,000 reasons for "Choosing Singapore" whether they be investors, professionals, trades, business people, home-seekers or just "looking around". For people who are contemplating arriving for these diverse reasons, this book contains 11 sections on the facilities for developing the potentials of various sectors in business, finance, trade, energy, education, tourism, aviation, and real estate. There is some information about the Singapore lifestyle, a selection of photographs, lists of abbreviations, acronyms, addresses and websites, and a valiant stab at explaining Singlish in the form of a two-page vocabulary table.
  • Singapour Pratique - The French Guide To Singapore Life. This guide is produced by the Association Francaise De Singapour. It takes the form of a directory, organised around several major themes close to the heart of the French: health; children; housing; food; beauty and fashion; leisure and entertainment; dining out; and travel and holidays. The opening section contains essential information about settling in, from the administrative process to finding domestic help. In the comprehensive index of shops and businesses that follows, the compilers have carefully added remarks about the noteworthiness or specialty of most of the establishments featured, be it a grocer, a health clinic or an art school (and everything else in between). This sturdy, colourful and handy guide is in French.
  • Fun For Kids In Singapore. This book addresses the ever-increasing demand for information about children's activities and interests in Singapore. All the information you could possibly need, and more, can be found in this handy-sized book. A comprehensive and focused guide, its user-friendly layout enables readers to access information quickly and easily.

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