Monday, July 6, 2009

Independent children's book publishers wanted

I've mentioned in previous posts our interest in building up the children's books part of the business - from publishing to distribution to retail.

On the publishing front, we've started the Autumn Wonders imprint. The first book in the imprint, Water Buffalo's Reward, was published early this year. This was the first book in the Asian Values series, and the second and third books are scheduled for publication later this year and early next year respectively.

Another series that we will be starting is the Hike It! series. This is a series of walking guides for children. The first book, Hike It! Bras Basah & Waterloo, will be launched in the first week of August.

On the retail front, we have built up a good collection of children's books with Asian themes at Select Books. Our related company, Summer Fields, has also built up a reputation for selling quality children's books.

On the distribution front, we've started to represent a few publishers with children's books. But this is an area that we want to continue to build on. We are actively seeking independent book publishers with children's titles that require a distributor in Singapore. We believe that we will be able to achieve better market visibility and efficiencies if we can achieve a critical mass of titles. As an independent publisher ourselves, we understand the needs and constraints of other independent publishers. So, we're eager to work out arrangements that will work for both parties. Contact us to meet up. At the minimum, we can have a good chat about a shared passion - children's books!

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  1. I think the most difficult thing a writer can face is writing childrens story books.