Monday, August 17, 2009

Igniting Thought, Unleashing Youth on 938live

Igniting Thought, Unleashing Youth was mentioned in 938live's website on 15 August, the day it was launched. The article is linked here, and is quoted in its entirety below:

Countering extremism among Muslim youths here a priority

How do you nip extremism in the bud?

Well, through youths of course.

This is one proposal included in an inaugural book called "Igniting Thought, Unleashing Youth" launched by the Youth Wing of the Association of Muslim Professionals.

The book was written by a group of youths who are dissatisfied with the lack of books on youths and activism.

Mr Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman is one of the authors and he argues that many of counter-extremism strategies do not focus on youths.
This, he says, might be a cause for concern as more and more extremists are becoming younger.

"Now one of the chapters in the book actually looks at counter-extremism and new ideas are being proposed, essentially how we can improve some of the measures that we have taken right now in terms of counter-extremism efforts. A lot of these programmes are not exactly targeting youths and they're not exactly effective in trying to get youths involved in many of the programmes."

Some other topics discussed include the future of muslim youths here, as well as setting the agenda for their progress in terms of science and technology.

Mr Mohamed Nawab adds that he believes this book will bring new insights to issues the Malay Muslim community faces.

"Essentially this is probably the first time a book like this is published because you have a bunch of young scholars essentially looking at issues close to the hearts of many Muslim youths in Singapore. And as such, I think it's also an avenue essentially for our young scholars to express their views and opinions about some of the problems that the Malay Muslim community is facing in Singapore."

In an effort to encourage more muslim youths to speak up on issues that they are passionate about, the association will be launching its inaugural essay competition for pre-university and university students.

The top six essays will be compiled into their second publication.

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