Sunday, August 30, 2009

Travel Guides with a Difference

Here at Select Books, we are always on the lookout for out-of-the-ordinary travel guides, whether in terms of their coverage or in the way that that content is conveyed. Here are three that caught our attention:
  • Shanghai Story Walks: Walking Tours Through Old Shanghai by Yvette Ho Madany. This guide book suggests 5 walking tours that will allow the visitor to take in Old Shanghai. Through the city's landmark buildings and residences, the hopes and dreams of taipans, politicians, actors, spies and dreamers who once inhabited them come to live.
  • Tour Of Qufu, A: The Hometown Of Confucius by Yang Zhaoming. Confucius, whose Chinese name is Kong Qiu, is a celebrated ancient Chinese thinker, political figure, educator and founder of Confucianism. His teachings and philosophy, preserved in the Analects of Confucius, have not only served as the foundation of much of subsequent Chinese speculation on an ideal man and government, but also deeply influenced Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese life and thought. Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius, has become a major destination for cultural tourism. Kong Temple, the Kong residence and Kong forest in particular present a fine exhibition of China's temples and its ancient scholarly life, its gardens and its tombs. A beautifully illustrated guide, this book takes the reader on an evocative cultural tour through captivating temples, palaces and gardens.
  • To Myanmar With Love: A Travel Guide For The Connoisseur edited by Morgan Edwardson. From helping a community library in New Bagan to breakfast with 2,700 monks in Mandalay, discover the secrets of savvy expatriates, seasoned travellers, and inspired locals. This guide book offers unique insights into dining, shopping, sightseeing and culture in Myanmar.

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