Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Panda Finds His Way

The second book in our Asian Values series has been published! Baby Panda Finds His Way was published on 28 Oct 2009 and shall be available in all major bookstores.

The Asian Values series was published with the support of the Media Development Authority of Singapore. It was the launch series for our children's book imprint, Autumn Wonders. The first book in the series, Water Buffalo's Reward, was published in January 2009. The series aims to introduce children to Asian values in an accesible and enjoyable way through simple, engaging and thought-provoking stories.

The value introduced in Water Buffalo's Reward is Diligence. In Baby Panda Finds His Way, the value introduced is Respect.

Baby Panda was not very good at showing respect—to his mother, his elders or even to his environment. One day, he becomes lost. With the help of Tiger, Baby Panda is finally reunited with his mother, but not before he has learnt about the importance of respect.

Both books in the series are illustrated by Li Dan. Li Dan is an illustrator and designer based in Singapore. She has a Masters in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art, UK, and is adept at different illustration styles and media. Her work has appeared in many major publications, books, magazines, advertisements and won awards, including the Victoria and Albert Illustration Awards 2005. Her portfolio can be viewed at

The author for Baby Panda Finds His Way is Emily Lim. Emily is the award-winning author of Prince Bear & Pauper Bear, The Tale of Rusty Horse, Just Teddy and Bunny Finds the Right Stuff. She is the first in Asia to be awarded two prestigious IPPY awards at the world’s largest book awards. Her books have also been made into cartoons and were recently aired on television. More information about Emily and her books can be found at

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