Thursday, October 8, 2009

Books on Garden and Landscape Design

We stock a number of books on garden and landscape designs, particularly after we had several queries during the Singapore Garden Festival held last year. Here are 4 interestings titles:
  • Japanese Stone Gardens: Origins, Meanings, Form by Stephen Mansfield. Japanese stone gardens provide tranquil settings where visitors can shed the burdens and stresses of modern existing, satisfy age-old yearnings for solitude and repose and experience the restorative power of art and nature. This book provides an insight into the powerful mystique and dynamism of Japanese stone gardens, from their earliest use as props in animistic rituals to their appropriation by Zen monks and priests to create settings conducive to mediation and contemplation and, finally, to their contemporary use and meaning.
  • Bawa: The Sri Lanka Gardens by David Robson and Dominic Sansoni. The late Geoffrey Bawa's most famous garden is at his estate in Sri Lanka, Lunuganga, and it is rivalled only by Brief, the lesser-known garden of his brother, Bevis. Evolving over several decades, these two gardens and their outbuildings and sculptures represent highpoints of tropical design in which architecture and landscape are intimately mixed. This volume includes an overview of the Sri Lanka's rich horticultural tradition and the social background that inspired the Bawas. It is followed by chapters that explore and celebrate the brothers' relationship and the architectural soul of Brief and Lunuganga through superb photo essays and descriptions, revealing the aesthetics and architectural mastery of the creators as well as the stunning context of Sri Lanka itself. Also included are directions on how to get to Brief and Lunuganga, a bibliography and a glossary.
  • Balinese Gardens by William Warren. A vivid record of Bali's stunning landscaped gardens and natural beauty, this book is a delight for anyone with an interest in tropical plants and landscape design. Renowned photographer Luca Invernizzi Tettoni and author/landscape designer William Warren capture a unique portrayal of this extraordinary island, focusing on hotel and private gardens and Bali's abundant natural features. The book opens with an overview of the island's physical and cultural environment, and then takes the reader on a guided tour of Bali's finest traditional and contemporary gardens.
  • Chinese Gardens by Lou Qingxi. This book is about the history, evolution, art and techniques of Chinese gardens and their architectures. The author contrasts Chinese gardens with natural scenery and notes that the beauty of Chinese gardens lie in their combining culture and art into one. The author examines the development of the classic Chinese garden, the different prototypes and the architectural theories formed over the years. He describes the meaning of these classic Chinese gardens to the Chinese, and the Chinese people's admiration of them. With black and white and color pictures. This book was published simulataneously in seven laguages. Translated to English by Zhang Lei and Yu Hong.

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