Monday, January 11, 2010

Books on Thailand

Here are 5 recent books on Thailand:
  • Divided Over Thaksin: Thailand's Coup And Problematic Transition edited by John Funston. These 13 papers were selected from those given by senior analysts from Thailand and the region at the 2006 and 2007 seminars of the National Thai Studies Centre at the Australian National University. The Coup of 2006 and other turbulent events were more or less in progress during the seminars so some of the papers have the flavour of immediacy. Among the subjects addressed are: the Constitutions of 1997 and 2007 and their impacts; the policies, fall and possible future impact of Thaksin Shinawatra, Prime Minister 2001-2006; four papers are on aspects of the ongoing insurgency in Southern Thailand; and the final three papers focus on the economy with discussion of the impact of political uncertainty on business. With much tabulated data, and index.
  • Conspiracy Of Silence: The Insurgency In Southern Thailand by Zachary Abuza. This referenced study of the sectarian-based ongoing insurgency in Southern Thailand examines the origins and nature of the increasingly deep conflict (3400 dead from January 2004 to December 2007), the seemingly confused policies of the Thai government which, in the author's view, avoid the realities of the Muslim discontent. The author shows how the present unresolved bitterness could open the country and area to international terrorist involvement and documents the damaging extent of economic decline and of Buddhists' migration from the area. With appended documents and index.
  • The Politics Of Uneven Development: Thailand's Economic Growth In Comparative Perspective by Richard Doner. A substantial and wide-ranging comparative analysis of the technological development and structural change of recent years which have been part of the development of the political economy of Thailand. Three main sectors, the sugar, textile and auto industries, are among the areas explored, and also compared with parallels in the economies of Indonesia, Taiwan, Brazil and South Korea. With graphics, bibliography and index.
  • Chronicle Of Thailand: Headline News Since 1946 edited by Nicholas Grossman et al. Chronicle of Thailand is the story of Thailand during the reign of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Beginning on the day he was crowned, 9 June 1946, the book presents a vivid eyewitness account of Thailand's development through the major news events of the last 64 years. Offering a grandstand view of events as they unfolded - the coronation of Rama IX, the suppression of Communism, the Vietnam War era, the October 1973 uprising, economic boom, great sporting moments, cultural firsts, unforgettable tragedies - and quirky aspects of daily life that just happened to make the news. Along with a year-by-year review of the major news stories in Thailand, there is also a timeline of international events, including developments in other pasts of the region. The book features thousands of rare and fascinating pictures and illustrations, representing one of the most comprehensive photo collections of Thailand ever produced. Research sources for the book included Thai and English-language newspapers. Photographs too came from a variety of archives. Interspersed throughout are cartoons, advertisements, album covers, film posters and other visual material, that greatly enliven the 'slice of life' the book provides.
  • Thai Law For Foreigners (Bilingual English-Thai) by Benjawan Poomsan Becker and Roengsak Thongkaew. This accessible handbook to the law of Thailand contains both an English-language edition and a Thai-language edition. The English edition itself is divided into five major sections. The first introduces the reader to the history and development of Thai law, the structure of Thai government, and the Thai court system. It also explains how to choose a lawyer, Thai lawyers' ethics and how to work with lawyers and interpreters. The second section describes legal procedures for both criminal and civil matters. This is followed by a section that deals with family matters, including the legal implications of Thai citizenship, marriage, the prenuptial agreement, the wedding ceremony, making a will, and divorce procedures. The fourth part covers the law governing the needs of the resident in Thailand, such as the renting of property, car licences, and work permits. The final part focuses on visas and immigration. Includes a glossary and sample forms in Thai and English.

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