Friday, February 19, 2010

Books on Asian Textiles

Here are several books that we have stocked on Asian textiles:
  • Dress, Textiles and Identity of the Black Tai of Loei Province, Northeast Thailand by Franco Amantea. The Black Tai is an ethnic group in Laos. This book examines the contemporary role of traditional and tradition-based textiles and dress as material and symbolic representations of Black Tai ethnic and social-cultural identity. The analysis of textile and ethnic dress reveals that dress and textiles serve a crucial role in ethnic and cultural continuity among the Black Tai peoples. Textiles continue to figure prominently in the religious beliefs and practices of the Tai Dam as well as serving as markers of status, functioning to promote cultural and social cohesion, and more recently, serving as a means of economic development. With references and index.
  • Indian Textiles in the East: From Southeast Asia to Japan by John Guy. The dazzlingly varied cloths presented in this book are the visual record of one of the great stories of Asian design history. John Guy has produced a brilliant account of the Indian textile trade in examining the cloth-for-spices trade, focusing on the 17th and 18th centuries when the thousand-year-old trade was at its peak. With beautiful photographs of the textiles themselves (outstanding among them the famous cotton chintzes and tie-and-dye silks), illuminating images of people and places, and vivid first-hand descriptions by travellers and merchants, this is both an indispensible resource and a visual feast for students and lovers of textiles. First published in hardcover under the title, Woven Cargoes: Indian Textiles in the East.
  • Heavenly Splendour: The Edrina Collection of Ming and Qing Imperial Costumes. This illustrated study of Ming and Qing Imperial costumes was published to complement the 2009 exhibition of the Edrina Collection at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Some 50 of the exhibited silk garments are presented in colour with provenance, usage and style notes. With notes on the use of dragon motifs, chronology, notes on emblems and symbols, glossary and bibliography. Bilingual in Chinese.
  • The Art of Indonesian Textiles: The E.M. Bakwin Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago by Brigitte Khan Majlis. This beautiful volume showcases over 70 remarkable examples of Indonesian textile art, a gift to the Art Institute from the E. M. Bakwin Collection. The featured works - including batiks, ikats, and other textiles - represent the finest examples of Indonesia's textile production and evoke the region's rich ethnic and cultural complexity. Indonesian textile expert Brigitte Khan Majlis explores these objects not only as works of art, stunning products of both individual creativity and a long aesthetic tradition, but also as important artifacts that illuminate the history, beliefs, and lives of the people who make and treasure them. Generously illustrated, The Art of Indonesian Textiles also features fascinating contextual photographs and engaging entries on each of the featured objects.

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