Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Books on Singapore's Natural Habitat

Select Publishing is in the process of publishing a book on growing carnivorous plants in Singapore. It’s our first book on nature and we are quite excited working on it. It is due for publication in the middle of 2010. More on this book in later posts as it takes shape.

In the meantime, here is a list of books on Singapore’s natural habitat:
  • The Singapore Red Data Book: Threatened Plants & Animals of Singapore edited by G.W.H Davison, P.K.L. Ng & Ho Hua Chew. The Singapore Red Data Book, first produced in 1994, is an indispensable source of reference for conservation plans and efforts of various governments and non-government organisations. This new edition includes contributions from a wide range of experts and the use of coloured images.
  • State of Singapore's Wild Birds and Bird Habitats: A Review of the Annual Bird Census 1996-2005 edited by Lim Kim Chuah & Lim Kim Seng. The Singapore Nature Society has conducted the Annual Bird Census since 1986. This report collates and summarises the results of the 1996-2005 censuses. Part A lists the 33 sites used and the general count of the bird population. Part B gives species data on population, habitat and conservation factors on each of the 220 species found. Part C classifies the taxonomic groups recorded and also the trends in sites and diversity. The situations of the 56 nationally threatened species and the two globally threatened species that were sighted are recorded. With tables, graphics, sketch map and species listings.
  • The Avifauna of Singapore by Lim Kim Seng. This scholarly reference work will be of interest to birdwatchers and ornithologists in Singapore and beyond. There are entries for each of the 395 wild birds known to inhabit or visit Singapore in this distillation of the observations and records of Singapore's hobby or professional birders. Twelve colour plates present species of interest and there are also some black-and-white drawings. Articles on Singapore ecology, zoogeography, vegetation, ornithological history, and patterns of birdlife are followed by species entries with scientific data, notes of decent sightings and references to relevant literature. With bibliography, name lists and index.
  • A Guide to Sponges of Singapore by Lim Swee Cheng. The 44th of the Science Centre's magnificent series of handy pocketbooks is on the sponges of Singapore. Sponges are common in local waters but are rarely noticed and their ecological relevance has been little studied. Seventy-five sponge species are illustrated in colour and presented with scientific information and habitat details. With reference list, systematic identification list and index. There is a post on this book in the very worth-a-visit Wild Shores of Singapore blog.
  • Trees of Our Gardens City: A Guide to the Common Trees of Singapore edited by Tee Swee Ping. This revised edition of Trees of Our Garden City has been redesigned to make it more reader friendly. This edition contains expanded chapters and the introduction of 70 species of plants not covered in the first edition. This richly illustrated book opens with the story of the greening of the Singapore, followed by chapters introducing tree and palm species, tree biology, tree care, rooftop gardens and the relationship between trees and the environment. With glossary, bibliography and an index of botanical/common/Mandarin tree names.

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