Friday, March 5, 2010

The Executive's Journey

The Executive’s Journey: Of Making a Difference Beyond the Transient Identity, written by Wendy Ruth Tan, is a new book that we are distributing.

The Executive’s Journey has been written especially for the corporate executives who dedicate their time and energy to building their careers. In it, Wendy hopes to persuade readers to ask themselves key questions: Is there life beyond what we experience in our power suits? Is there more to wealth than just meeting your obligations and purchasing your wants?

Through this process, and through sharing her own experience, Wendy attempts to show that there is more, much more, to life. She shares with readers ideas such as the seven dimensions of wealth and the three dimensions of self awareness. The conventional notions of work, wealth and self are challenged and she takes readers on a journey in search of a lasting and fulfilling identity in the corporate executive – one of real personal power and one of making a real difference.

Wendy Ruth Tan is a full-time Executive Search Consultant in the Asia Pacific region and a part-time Sociology tutor at a local university.

Part of the sales proceeds of this book will be donated to Boys’ Town, a charitable organisation dedicated to providing guidance, shelter, education, vocational training and practical living skills to youths.

The Executive's Journey
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