Saturday, March 6, 2010

READ ASIA - Book Initiative Capsule

As part of the National University of Singapore Art Festival (NAF) 2010, held frmo Mar 05-21, 2010, the NUS Museum, in collaboration with the Industrial Design Programme at the Department of Architecture, Department of English Language and Literature, and Central Library, has put up READ ASIA.

This is a Book Initiative Capsule where design and books play a part.
The project stems from a desire to improve the built environment, and this capsule serves as a prototype mobile library and lab that promotes the culture of reading. Design and content are driven by evolving concepts of Asia, with literary imagination referencing colonial, modern and contemporary writings by Western, Asian and Singapore writers.

Select Books was approached to be one of the collaborators and we have provided the books for sale at the capsule.

The capsule is being displayed at:
NUS Centre For the Arts University Cultural Centre
50 Kent Ridge Crescent

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