Monday, April 26, 2010

New Distribution Title: East Meets East

Select Books has been appointed as the exclusive Singapore distributor by Plastic Soldier Factory for their books.

One of the books on sale now in major bookstores is East Meets East by Matai Branea and Budi Wijaya.

East Meets East is a collaborative comic between Matai Branea and Budi Wijaya. Echoing the comic's abrasive theme of "Tradition vs Modern", the artists are of very different illustration/writing styles. The parallel and criss-crossing stories (Modern vs Tradition, European Meets Asian) that unfold tell of Romania’s and Singapore's contrasting paths towards modernity.

The content of this publication was originally created for Lingua Comica 3, a Euro-Asian dialogue through comics project organised by Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) in collaboration with the Kyoto International Manga Museum (MM). The work was exhibited in MM in 2008.

Matai Branea is a Romanian illustrator/animator.

Budi Wijaya is a Singapore based Indonesian architect/designer.

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