Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Distribution Title: Numbers

Numbers is the second book we are distributing for Plastic Soldier Factory.

Numbers is an international collaboration that looks at one of the worst global recessions in history; zooming past the macro statistics to tell of individual stories in multiple societies. The financial crisis hit the headlines of every capitalistic city, screaming numbers so big that zeros started to swim surreally.

With the support of Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), 4 artists from the cities of Berlin, Bucharest, Kyoto and Singapore banded together to tell stories of smaller numbers.
The numbers-themed comic strips are fictitious reality, creations drawn from actual observations on-the-ground. Numbers is designed as a fold-out from an A4 to an A1. Each artist is assigned a colour: magenta, cyan, yellow or black. The intent is to create a literally stripped reading of the work, where the visuals are absorbed all at once and not forced into the narrative flow of a bound book.

The authors/illustrators are:

  • Titus Ackermann is a founding member of artist group MOGA MOBO; editor, author and publisher of more than 100 comics and children’s books. He is also a multiple award winner, most recently the 'Max & Moritz' for the best German comic for Moga Mobo Vol 85. In recent years, Titus is sought-after speaker on comics in countries throughout the world, such as Japan, Korea, Cuba, Algeria, Libanon and Austria.
  • Matei Branea, animator-comics artist-illustrator-graphic designer-publisher, is a household name in Romania. For two seasons, he appeared in the highly-popular comedic animation Planeta Moldova Show. Leveraging on his reputation, Matei aims to increase the importance of illustration in the printed press and commercial media in Romania. He is also a member of Hardcomics, an independent publishing house of alternative comics and visual zines. Hardcomics aims to create a market for comics in Romania and to set a standard in its content and form.
  • Born in 1981, Tsuyoshi Ogawa is coordinator at Kyoto International Manga Museum, where he manages the planning of manga themed workshops and exhibition activities. He graduated with Master of Fine Arts from Kyoto Seika University, majoring in manga. Tsuyoshi has participated in several art and comic exhibitions in Japan, Germany and South Korea.
  • Budi Wijaya is a trained architect practicing graphic and multimedia design. Through his design office Plasticsoldierfactory, Budi engages in commercial work with global corporations from US, UK, Middle East and Asia. On a personal basis, Budi participates in art and design exhibitions, extending his design practice to investigations of aesthetics, technology, and philosophy.

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