Friday, May 28, 2010

Asian Art Titles

Selections 101, the latest issue of our Selections new-titles catalogue, has just been released. Here are a few Art titles from it:

  • Phoenix Rising: Narratives In Nonya Beadwork From The Straits Settlements by Cheah Hwei-Fe'n. Over 200 illustrations in full colour complement this fine and comprehensive multi-disciplinary study of the distinctive beadwork done - and still being done - by nonya women of the Straits Settlements. The development and pattern of Peranakan society, the social roles and education of girls and women and the significance of nonya needlework and beadwork are the themes of Part One. Part Two looks at the history, traditions, designs and tensions of the beadwork craft and its practice. Part Three explores the place of nonya beadwork in contemporary culture, including in the ongoing revival of interest in all things Peranakan. With glossary, chronology, bibliography and index.
  • Sex Appeal In The City: Hong Kong by Stuart Wolfendale. Small in size, big in aspiration, Hong Kong has further accentuated its superlatives by challenging all rivals to the title of Billboard Capital of the World. No other civic skyline is quite so dominated by giant advertising displays blazoned across tennis-court expanses of building facades or wrapped around modes of transport. These advertising billboards often feature alluring, uninhibited, and provocative displays of lingerie and the most intimate accessories of sports and high fashion. Sex Appeal in the City is a light-hearted critique that surveys the power of provocative imagery in Hong Kong. Lavish colour photographs of prominent advertising billboards are accompanied by short commentaries.
  • Shifting Sand: An Anthology Of Sand Sculptures by Tan Jooheng. Sand sculptor Tan JOOheng has carved a name for himself around the world with his technically demanding original creations and outstanding displays. Regarded as one of the world's top ten leading sand sculptors, his works have often been described as "powerful" with "dynamic movement and strong themes". Shifting Sand features a collection of selected works that JOOheng has created internationally over the past eleven years. The black-and-white photographs, accompanied by JOOheng's personal reflections on each featured sculpture, vividly illustrate the intricate details and beauty of each of his creations.
  • Body & Spirit: Tibetan Medical Paintings edited by Laila Williamson and Serinity Young. The first full set of Tibetan medical paintings, or tangkas, were painted between 1687 and 1703. In a beautiful and unique artistic style, the paintings illustrate Tibetan medical knowledge that drew on traditions from India, ancient Greece, Persia, pre-Buddhist Tibet, and China, while remaining firmly rooted in Buddhism. Copies of the iconic images have been created in meticulous detail through the centuries. Body and Spirit focuses on a set of contemporary paintings in the traditional technique by the Nepalese artist Romio Shrestha and his assistants in Kathmandu. The text and motifs on each painting is explained in detail.

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