Thursday, June 24, 2010

Distribution: Enchanted Lion Books

We are pleased to announce that Select Books has been appointed as the exclusive distributor in Singapore for Enchanted Lion Books.

Enchanted Lion Books is an independent, family-owned publishing company based in Brooklyn, NY. They have a great passion for the books that they publish. They select the books that they publish with great care, and look for books that they believe children will enjoy and that reflect an individual voice or vision. We are proud to say that Select Books also believes strongly in these values, and we look forward to a great partnership.

Here is a small selection of Enchanted Lion Books titles that we are distributing and really like:

Jin Jin and Rain Wizard is a story about rice told through Jin Jin’s adventures. The story opens with Jin Jin bounding out of bed to do his morning T’ai C’hi. After his first set of exercises he prepares to wake up his water breathing pipes by spraying his friends, but all that comes out is dry air. Jin Jin returns home to Crane and Old Turtle, with whom he now is living, feeling sad. Crane tries to cheer Jin Jin up and to get him to eat some breakfast but he is too full to eat, having stuffed himself at the rice festival the day before. As they talk together what becomes clear is that not only did Jin Jin stuff himself, but he threw some rice away. Old Turtle realizes that the time has come for Jin Jin to learn about the value of rice, so off they go to the gateway to ancient times. By travelling back in time, Jin Jin will learn his lesson about how rice is not to be wasted. There he also will meet Rain Wizard, who will help him regain his water breathing powers, while making sure that he returns home quickly, safely and all the wiser. Following the story, two additional pages provide an overview of rice in Chinese culture and the mythic figure of Rain Wizard.

Little Eagle won the prestigious Swiss Prix Enfantaisie award that is juried by children. Little Eagle tells the story of a young boy who is orphaned and taken in by a kind sage. The dreams of the story hinges on the boy’s discovery of his guardian’s true gifts as a master of Eagle boxing, a specialized form of Kung Fu. The bold, energetic illustrations bring the movements of mentor and apprentice to life, giving life to both the characters and the discipline. Children will root for Little Eagle as he learns his new discipline and faces the many challenges that he confronts on his way to becoming a Kung Fu master.

Big Wolf and Little Wolf: The Little Leaf That Wouldn’t Fall is the second book about Big Wolf and Little Wolf. Sweet and humorous, the story is amplified and deepened by Tallec’s illustrations, which are bold in perspective and rich with feeling. The book begins, “High up in a tall tree was a little leaf,” and it is Little Wolf’s need to touch this leaf and the fact that it will not fall that create the drama. Big Wolf refuses Little Wolf’s request that he climb up and get the leaf several times. “Wait,” he tells him. “Eventually it will fall.” But the leaf doesn’t fall. Winter arrives and the leaf is still there, high up in the tree. Then one morning Big Wolf wakes up, stretches and says, “I’m going up.” He says it just like that—simply to see Little Wolf’s eyes sparkle. At first his climb up the big tree goes well, but the higher he goes the more slippery it gets and the more dangerous. Little Wolf waits below wondering whether such a little leaf is worth such trouble after all. To climb to the top of a frost covered tree isn’t easy, and what if something should happen to Big Wolf? This second Big Wolf and Little Wolf title is a lovely story about two friends and the many ways in which friendship teaches patience, boldness and love.

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