Friday, July 9, 2010

New Books on Business

Here is a eclectic selection of titles from our large Business section:
  • Teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Building on the Singapore Experiment by Charles Hampden-Turner. Is it possible to teach someone to be an entrepreneur? Is innovation something that can be assessed and taught in a classroom? Teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship answers these and other questions by focusing on a teaching experiment in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University, wherein classes of English-speaking Singaporeans and Mandarin-speaking students from the People's Republic of China were subjected to an 'entrepreneurial eco-system'. Extending from the west coast of the USA to Singapore and Shanghai, this programme subjects students to a wide range of activities, including a four-month business simulation game where teams of students select their favourite inventions and pitch them to real venture capitalists with the inventors present. Drawing on the lessons learned from this highly successful experiment, the book argues that not only is it possible to describe the innovative process, we can also teach it, measure it, evaluate it and model it.
  • Raffles Conversations 2009 Edition: A Collection from the Business Times. Since 1992 Singapore's Business Times has had weekly personal profile interviews with a local or international newsmaker who is in or passing through Singapore. These in-depth conversations offer interesting and sometimes unexpected insights into the style, background, management methods and personal philosophies of individuals whose names alone are often familiar. In this the fourth collection of 52 Raffles Conversations, the spectrum is wide and includes of course major names in finance, commerce and IT but also local and world figures in science, social development and the arts.
  • Talk Money by Lorna Tan. Many will welcome this straightforward discussion of many of the financial issues and problems which are commonly faced by ordinary Singaporeans. Case material is used as many basic questions and problems are dealt with. The author, a senior financial journalist, has a practical and clear approach to complicated as well as simple matters.
  • Global Business Strategy: Asian Perspective by Moon Hwy-Chang. Given the rise of Asia in the global economy in recent decades, it is important to understand the uniqueness of Asian business. This book first introduces the core strategies prevalent in Western business, and then explains how they can be applied or adapted to Asian business. When necessary, modified or new business models (as developed by the author) are utilised to better explain Asian business. Furthermore, this book deals not just with the theory, but also with practice. Several real-life case studies and examples are discussed in order to compare and contrast the Asian and Western perspectives on global business strategy.
  • The Investor's Guide to Singapore: 2009 Edition by Singapore International Chamber Of Commerce. A considerable range of information is set out in the 2009 edition of the Investor's Guide of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce. Tables and text present background summaries on the country and its structures and way of life. Provisions which relate more directly to investment and the conduct of business, and tabulated data on the economy are clearly set out. Relevant addresses and contact details are included.

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