Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Distribution Title: Pilgrimage and Faith: Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam

Pilgrimage and Faith: Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam is a new title that we distributing in Singapore for Serindia Publications.

This lavishly illustrated volume is edited by Virginia C. Raguin and Dina Bangel with F.E. Peters. It explores pilgrimage as experienced in Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim faith communities. It addresses shared goals of personal development and communal solidarity as deep human needs. Unique in scope, this richly illustrated catalogue addresses religious diversity in a global perspective.

Dating from the 12th century to the present day, ninety-five historical objects and mementos of present-day pilgrimages are beautifully presented in their context with a collection of essays by leading international scholars.

Fine examples include sculptures in wood and limestone from France and copper and bronze from Tibet, a pilgrimage itinerary book from Japan, stained glass from the Middle Ages, a Renaissance enameled chalice from Italy, a lavish embellished Quran from Iran, and Islamic prayer scrolls in silver amulet casings. By studying objects of supreme artistic skill along with mass-produced objects and personal acquisitions such as stones or soil from the holy place, the scholars shed new light on the continuity of pilgrimage and faith – the past and the present and the motivations and experiences of persons of all social strata.

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