Saturday, September 11, 2010

This is a list of recent titles that focus on Singapore’s history and heritage:
  • Tan Kah Kee And Lee Kong Chian In The Making Of Modern Singapore And Malaysia edited by Leo Suryadinata. Four of these papers from the 2008 Singapore conference, "Tan Kah Kee and Lee Kong Chian in the Making of Modern Singapore and Malaysia" are in English, and seven in Chinese. They address not only the lives and legacies of these two giants of economic and community development in areas of the Chinese diaspora but also changes in official and local policies in China where Lee (1893-1967) and Tan (1874-1961) were involved or influential.
  • Singapore Through 19th Century Prints and Paintings by Wong Hong Suen and Roxana Waterson. A selection of topographic prints of places such as the harbour, Singapore River, Fort Canning Hill, as well as paintings of the cosmopolitan trade town and of tranquil rural scenes, the views presented in Singapore Through 19th Century Prints and Paintings show the colonial port-city in its first century and constitute a historically significant source of information on Singapore's early development. Often published in Europe and America in the accounts of scientific voyages, in travel books and in bound folios, these works portray the experiences of 19th century travellers, reflecting their individual impressions, experiences, prejudices and insights. Descriptions of the settlement by travellers and early settlers, in addition to detailed captions and two lively essays from experts, reveal European impressions of Singapore in early 19th century, as well as the fertile environment in which these paintings and prints were produced and marketed, fuelled by a burgeoning travel industry. Information on the background of the artists, lithographers and publishers and the evolution of techniques will offer fresh insights on the production and commercialisation of prints and painting as well as Singapore's central role in this industry. Often distinguished by exceptional detail, the images in Singapore Through 19th Century Prints and Paintings create an intriguing visual record, offering some of the oldest, rarest and most vibrant glimpses of Singapore.
  • Ernst & Young: An Account Of 120 Years In Singapore by Lee Geok Boi. This finely illustrated commemorative book is a telling that entwines the history of the practice with Singaporean and global developments in accountancy, trade and corporate culture. It is a story of young men with foresight who went into a profession that started with very few regulations but grew into one of the most regulated. Thus, this is a story of how the profession of accountancy has developed in Singapore - and how Ernst & Young grew with it. With bibliography and index.
  • We Are One: The Peoples' Association Journey 1960-2010 by Jimmy Yap. Since its foundation in 1960, the People's Association has been integral in Singapore's life and development. This extensively illustrated volume celebrates the first 50 years of the People's Association's activities and discusses the policies which have underpinned the diverse activities. Many insights are offered into the roles it plays and has played in promoting community bonding at grassroots level, and into the personalities and policy changes which make the PA responsive to the needs of Singapore today as well as 50 years ago.
  • Celebrating 100 Years: The Singapore Ceylon Tamils' Association, Founded 1910. Many personal records and memories and archival maps, photographs and documents are made available in this extensively illustrated softback which celebrates the 2010 centenary of the Singapore Ceylon Tamils' Association. There are many illustrated life stories of distinguished Ceylon Tamils whose lives and work played or play a significant part in the pageant of Singapore's development in the last 100 years. Roles played by the people of this small community in the history of the railways, of military forces, of Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian activity, in musical, social and culinary traditions, in sports, in education and in the Law are all illustrated and discussed.
  • Hike It! Singapore River by Chan Chi Ling. Hike It! Singapore River is the second book in the Hike It! series of walking guides. Featuring beautiful illustrations, and written in the form of an explorer's journal, this series will appeal to Singaporeans, tourists and expatriates. The walking trails have been carefully designed so that readers can experience the historical and cultural aspects of Singapore while having a great time. This book covers the Singapore River area, where readers will learn about Stamford Raffles, bumboats, famous bridges and more.

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