Monday, October 11, 2010

Asian Nature and Ecology Titles from Selections 103

Selections 103, the latest issue of our catalogue of new titles has just been released.

These are a few of the titles on Asian nature and ecology from the catalogue:
  • A Selection of Plants for Greening of Waterways and Waterbodies in the Tropics by Jean W.H.Yong and Tan Puay Yok et al.. This book is the fruit of cooperative efforts by specialists concerned in different ways with plant life in the waterways of Singapore. Plants can of course add great beauty to running or still waters but they can also remove some of the pollutants, improve water quality, facilitate maintenance of water sites and adjacent land, and provide wildlife habitats and useful products. Informative data, with hundreds of colour photographs give information and guidance on plant selection and zonation, the types of water plants, and botanical usage data on some 250 plant species. With references and bibliography, glossary, botanical and general indexes.
  • The Ecology of Tropical East Asia by Richard Corlett. Tropical East Asia is home to one billion people and faces massive human impact from its rising population and rapid economic growth. It has already lost more than two-thirds of its forest cover and has the highest rates of deforestation and logging in the tropics. The relentless trade in wildlife products threatens all its large and many smaller vertebrates. Despite these problems, the region still supports an estimated 15-25% of global terrestrial biodiversity and is therefore a key area for conservation. Effective and efficient conservation action at the local and regional levels depends on an understanding of the ecological patterns and processes in the region, but information is currently scattered among a large number of elusive publications in several different languages. The Ecology of Tropical East Asia is the first book to describe the terrestrial ecology of the entire East Asian tropics and subtropics, from southern China to western Indonesia. It deals with plants, animals, and the ecosystems they inhabit, as well as the diverse threats to their survival and the options for conservation. This book provides the background knowledge of the region's ecology needed by both specialists and non-specialists to put their own work into a broader context. The accessible style, comprehensive coverage, and engaging illustrations make this advanced textbook an essential read for senior undergraduate and graduate level students studying the terrestrial ecology of the East Asian tropics, as well as an authoritative reference for professional ecologists, conservationists, and interested amateurs worldwide.
  • Photographic Guide to Snakes and other Reptiles of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand by Merel Cox, Peter Paul Van Dijk et al.. This is the 2010 edition of the 1988 photographic pocket guide to the snakes and other reptiles of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Two hundred and twenty of the area's 325 known species of snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles are illustrated with colour photographs and information on size, identifying characteristics, distribution, attitude, habitat and scientific names. Advice on locating, identifying, recording and photographing specimens found, and thoughtful discussions of conservation and protection issues and of snakebite are part of the text. With glossary, reading list and index.
  • Natural History Drawings: The Complete William Farquhar Collection - Malay Peninsula 1803-1818 with essays by John Bastin and Kwa Chong Guan. For the first time ever, 477 drawings of the flora and fauna of the Malay Peninsula commissioned by William Farquhar when he was the British Resident and Commandant of Melaka from 1803 to 1818, are published in one volume. Covering a wide spectrum of species - comprising plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates and fish - the evocative paintings were rendered in brilliant watercolour by Chinese artists who employed both Chinese and Western painting techniques. Authoritative essays by John Bastin and Kwa Chong Guan provide insight on the background of the drawings and of Farquhar himself. This volume is a colourful and fascinating record of the flora and fauna in the Malay Peninsula over a century ago, and is a must-read for anyone with a keen interest in the natural history of the region.
  • A Field Guide to Reptiles of South-East Asia by Indraneil Das. This impressively presented field guide gives scientific information on all the recorded reptiles of mainland Southeast Asia and the islands of Greater Sunda. Some 700 species are presented with colour illustrations and identification details. The full listings of 1000 species of crocodiles, turtles, lizards and snakes include local and scientific names, habitat, distribution, status and physical data for each species. With practical advice on snakebite, bibliography, glossary, Internet listings and index.

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