Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Distribution Partner: Areca Books

We are pleased to announce that Select Books has been appointed by Areca Books as the exclusive Singapore distributor for two of their recently published titles.

Areca Books is a rapidly-growing niche publisher based in Penang, Malaysia. A number of their publications are pioneering works in trans-local history, cultural heritage and environment. Their books are well-researched and richly-illustrated, appealing to popular readers as well as academic researchers of Malaysia and Southeast Asia. We are therefore very pleased to have been appointed as their distribution partner in Singapore.

Hail Penang! Being The Narrative of Comedies and Tragedies in a Tropical Outpost, Among Europeans, Chinese, Malays, And Indians by George Bilainkin was first published in 1932. George Bilainkin was the editor of the Penang newspaper The Straits Echo. Through a series of engaging sketches and reflections he discloses a wonderfully compelling portrait of Penang, its personalities and its environs. Looking beyond the complacent colonial facade Bilainkin grapples directly and indirectly with a wide range of topics that have strikingly modern echoes: the absurdities of social snobbery; the position of women in society; and the fraught nature of race relations. This edition has a new foreword by Ilsa Sharp, and offers an original, engaging and provocative glimpse of colonial society that is sure to engage a new generation of readers.

The Sara Saga is a memoir that traces the remarkable life of Manicasothy Saravanamuttu: cricket-loving student at Oxford during the Great War, fearless editor of Penang's English-language newspaper The Straits Echo, resilient internee during the Japanese Occupation, influential diplomat-at-large during the height of the Cold War, and trustworthy confidant to the great and the good. "Sara" as he was known to all, was a witness and participant in the making of modern Asia.

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