Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Children's Book Title: The Singapore Kid

Select Books has recently published another children’s book under its Autumn Wonders imprint: The Singapore Kid by Jessica Alejandro.

11-year-old Inn Kiat is a typical boy growing up in affluent Singapore. Like most kids, he is too witty for his age and has a short attention span. In just one month, his life becomes a rollercoaster ride of fun, quirks, intrigue, suspense, sadness and ultimate strangeness!

Pressure from school, tuition and demanding parents causes him to harbour many secrets. Some secrets help him pursue his dreams while others, he learns, are best not to keep.

About the Author
Jessica Alejandro is an English creative writing teacher, tutor and writer. She has been teaching publicly and privately for over 10 years. She has written six English Model Composition books (for Primary 1 to 6), which were published and reprinted by EPH.

Her constant exposure to kids has made her aware that “kids say the most candid stuff!” Jessica feels that children in Singapore need a voice and it will be waste if no one puts their thoughts, dreams and aspirations down into writing.

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  1. Interesting book review! I love the cover as well.

    Read Aloud Dad