Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Books on Megatrends

These are a selection of recent titles that examine megatrends in the world in various fields:

Living Without Oil: Megatrends in a New Energy Era by Adkiedj Bakas and Rob Creemers. Well-known trendwatchers Adjiedj Bakas and Rob Creemers present the megatrends in the field of energy and climate transition in this inspirational, visionary, sometimes hilarious but genuinely insightful new book.

The Future of Finance: Megatrends Beyond the Crisis by Adjiedj Bakas and Roger Peverelli. In The Future of Finance, futurologist Adjiedj Bakas and international marketing guru Roger Peverlli reveal what the future has in store for the financial industry. Inside, the authors provide detailed analyses of the four megatrends which will bring about radical changes across the sector in the coming decades and readers will discover how, by understanding these changes, businesses and individuals can look forward to a bright financial future.The areas covered include a new Economic World Order; Dramatic Demographic Changes; New Marketplace Dynamics; an Emphasis on Health and Happiness; and a Revival of Ethics. With bibliography and index.

China's Megatrends: The 8 Pillars of a New Society by John Naisbitt and Doris Naisbitt. John and Doris Naisbitt, long-time China observers, provide an in-depth study of the fundamental changes in China's social, political, and economic life, and their impact on the West. With extraordinary access, the Naisbitts have travelled the country, interviewing journalists, entrepreneurs, academics, politicians, artists, dissidents, and expatriates. With the help of the Naisbitt China Institute in Tianjin, they have monitored local newspapers in all of China's provinces to identify the evolving perspectives and deep forces underlying China's transformation. Their research reveals that China is not only undergoing fundamental changes but also creating an entirely new social and economic model - what the Naisbitts call a "vertical democracy" - that is changing the rules of global trade and challenging Western democracy as the only acceptable form of governing. The Naisbitts have identified 8 "pillars" as the foundation and drivers of China's new society. Examining each of these in great detail, China's Megatrends describes the new China for the knowledgeable and the newly curious, offering fresh and provocative insights and lessons to be learned.

World Megatrends: Towards the Renewal of Humanity by Adjiedj Bakas. Many of us fear the future. However, Adjiedj Bakas shows us that we are on the brink of an inspiring new age. Twelve megatrends from different realms are explored, allowing the whole picture of the future to be revealed. Illustrated with inspiring examples from all over the world the book reaches beyond today's problems; it is highly accessible and transcends hype. It is provocative and ambitious in its scope.

Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy by Raghuram G. Rajan. The author R. G. Rajan, former senior economist with the IMF and now at the Chicago Booth Business School was one of the few who, against criticism, foresaw the global economic crisis. He here sets out the reasons why unresolved pressures and problems within the US and outside still put the world at risk of another and worse crisis. The last chapters consider remedial actions and policies which could be applied by the US and other governments, and by international bodies.

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