Thursday, February 24, 2011

Books on Proverbs from Asian countries

Traditional proverbs can be illuminating even for the modern world. These books contain proverbs and words of wisdom from various countries in Asia:

Pearls Of Wisdom: Indian Proverbs & Quotations by Madanmohan Rao. With over 1000 proverbs and quotations translated into English from 24 Indian languages, this book presents a glimpse into the timeless wisdom of ageless India. From Lord Krishna to The Budda; from Kabir to Guru Nanak; from the Rig Veda to Panchatantra; from Subhas Chandra Bose to Mahatma Gandhi; from Oslo to Sri Sri Ravishankar; the proverbs and quotations in this book span a wide range of society and scriptures, ages and aspirations.

Asian Proverbs: Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century. The essence of wisdom found its earliest expression in Asia. Collections of these memorable examples have survived for thousands of years, encapsulating lessons gleaned within particular societies and yet equally relevant in any other society – as indeed they remain today. The 520 carefully selected proverbs drawn from the ten countries featured in this compilation of Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century are illustrated with artworks also derived from their respective sources. They appear both in their original script and in English translation.

Thai Folk Wisdom: Contemporary Takes on Traditional Proverbs by Tulaya Pornpiriyakulchai and Jane Vejjajiva. This dual language book, in Thai and English, brings to life fifty proverbs and sayings from Thailand with great creative flair. An explanation of each proverb is accompanied by a delightful tale of schoolgirl Lum Nam and her aunt and uncle. Her trials and tribulations in Bangkok links ancient Thai folk wisdom with the vibrant modern city. Each proverb is also accompanied by a vibrant illustration from a contemporary Thai artist. Artists featured include: Manit Sriwanichpoom, M.L. Chiratorn, Pinaree Sanpitak and Jakkai Siributr.

Best Loved Chinese Proverbs by Theodora Lau, Kenneth Lau and Laura Lau. With brevity, clarity and simplicity, Chinese proverbs help pass wisdom and insight through the ages. In this timeless, eloquent collection, they have been translated into English for the general reader. Through them, all readers can appreciate the fundamental truths about the natural world and the human condition through Chinese eyes, on many subjects such as adversity, fortune, happiness, moderation, neighbours, strategy, success, trust and others.

Asian Words of Knowledge: Reflections on Success, Self-Understanding and Spiritual Guidance edited by Steven Howard, Steven. People from around the world have long turned to the writings and thoughts of Asia's luminaries for insights into self-awareness, personal development, virtue, success, and the need for the continuous cultivation of knowledge. For easy reference, the publisher of this small volume has put together 400 Asian proverbs as well as 600 motivational quotes from some of Asia's most famous names, including Buddha, Confucius, the Dalai Lama, Tagore, and Mahatma Gandhi.

Many Ideas Open the Way: A Collection of Hmong Proverbs by Randy Snook. Here is a collection of Hmong proverbs, shown in its original Hmong language and translated into English. Presented simply for young readers, the proverbs can be enjoyed for their wit and wisdom, as well as the insight they give on Hmong culture.

To Swim in our Own Pond: A Book of Vietnamese Proverbs by Ngoc-Dung Tran. This book contains a charming and illuminating collection of Vietnamese proverbs, all of which have Western equivalents. Twenty-two proverbs from the countryside of Vietnam are given in Vietnamese along with their English translations. Each proverb is illustrated with lyrical and romantic watercolurs,that in delicate tones show the people and country of Vietnam as lovingly recalled by both the author and the illustrator.

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