Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Distribution Partner: Proverse Publishing

We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as the exclusive distributor in Singapore and Malaysia by Proverse Publishing. Proverse Publishing is based in Hong Kong and led by co-founders Gillian Bickley and Verner Bickley.

Here is a selection of Proverse titles:

Tightrope!: A Bohemian Tale by Olga Wallo. The narrator of Tightrope!, an extraordinary, curiously intellectual small girl, undertakes the demanding and costly burden of comprehending the world. Her father - a peculiar leftist intellectual, and her mother, a neurotic actress, belonging to an old farming family - are more orless social outcasts, who fight for survival. The situation prevailing in Socialist Eastern Europe in the period after the Second World War - setting and inherent part of the fabric of this tale - produces incidents which are funny, cruel, and absurd, eliciting both laughter and compassion.

China Suite And Other Poems by Gillian Bickley. This is Gillian Bickley's fourth collection of poems in which she responds to people, art and life, creating a record of her particular space in time. Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Sukhothai, Honolulu, Mexico City, northernmost Scotland, Andorra are among the places featured. Intimates and strangers are the people. She is interested as much in a mother and son seen for some seconds on a bridge in Shanghai as in the emotions flowing between performer and conductor throughout a concert, and the interpretation one creative artist gives to that of another's work. She values the records we all make and the realization that classical stories are re-enacted in our own lives. The poet reads her poems on two audio CDs packaged with the book.

Instant Messages by Laura Solomon. Life is tough for 15-year-old computer nerd Olivia Best. Her twin sister Melanie, who used to be Olivia's best friend, has taken to drinking and self-harming. Her father has no job and a string of unpublished romance novels to his name. Olivia's mother has just left Olivia's father for her lesbian yoga teacher, Sue. To top things off, Olivia is being severely bullied by a gang of boys from a neighbouring estate. Together with her trusted ally, a stuffed toy green frog, Olivia attempts to navigate the stormy seas of her existence. Narrated by Olivia, Instant Messages charts the progress of the twins and other family members. It is a fresh and contemporary look at British family life, with a light and ironic touch that makes it a page turner and gives it substance.

Gin's Tonic: Ocean Voyage, Inner Journey by Virginia Macrobert. Gin's Tonic is the daily record of a journey that was as refreshing as the drink "Gin and Tonic" and as stimulating as a shot of caffeine. The author invites the reader to take a little time out, sit down and share a glass or two. What began years ago as just a dream in a little girl's mind, finally culminated in a very long journey under sail, shared by Henry the Dog, Coco the Cat, and various crew. This log of the voyage records real-life episodes with pirates, terrific storms and breakdowns in the middle of the most remote places on the planet. It describes how she and crew dealt with the different experiences thrust upon them. Ginni also describes the wonder of our awesome ocean "wilderness" and startling encounters with the intelligent life that lives in it.Under her captainship, Catamaran Sailing Vessel Dai Long Wan and crew left the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club dock on 1 October 2006, and arrived back on 9 March 2008, after an absence of 493 days, 265 on the ocean.

Refrain by Jason S. Polley. Refrain recounts the author's travels in India as an inexperienced and sensitive young man. The narrative shows wit, intelligence and a facility with words. The style is experimental and literary; and the fascination of the stories told - short stories in verse presenting the anxieties and misfortunes typical of shoestring travelling, and the culture-shock deriving from visiting a very different culture from ones own - carries the careful reader along. A knack for reading this less-than-conventional fast-paced book, which is at once humorous and nightmarish, passionate and detached, is acquired quickly.

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