Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Distribution Title: Many Ships One Boat

Many Ships One Boat: Singapore Expat Tales & Tips by Madanmohan Rao.

Digging beneath statistics and reports, this book explores the human and humorous side of expat life in Singapore, through the delightfully different narrative styles of 20 expatriates living in this bustling Singapore.

The contributors are a truly ecletic group - kindergarden teachers, financial planners, editors, engineers and more - who come from a wide range of countries: India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, the UK, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Korea, Philippines, Germany, China and Hungary. Their range of experiences is bound to provide new insights for anyone reading this book.

Joys, discoveries, frustrations, tips, cultural slips, quirky personalities, provocative insights, raunchy digs – this book has it all!

About the Editor

Madanmohan Rao is a consultant and prolific author, blogger and tweeter on subjects ranging from knowledge management and new media to world music and travel. Madan grew up in India, went to graduate school in the US, and worked in Italy and Brazil. He was formerly communications director at the United Nations Inter Press Service bureau in New York, and vice president at IndiaWorld Communications in Bombay. He is the editor of five book series: The Asia Pacific Internet Handbook, The Knowledge Management Chronicles, AfricaDotEdu, World of Proverbs and The Global Citizen.

About the Contributors

Sonya Madeira is of Anglo-Indian heritage, and married to a Canadian to add to the confusion. Today she runs her own marketing communications firm in Singapore. She is an unplanned entrepreneur and is thankful for the opportunities Singapore has provided in the last year since moving here from India eight years ago with one suitcase

Bob Gill is currently group editor at media company Ten Alps Communications Asia, where he has responsibility for manufacturing and logistics related publications. He was born in London to parents who emigrated from Punjab, India, in the early 1960s. He moved into the trade publishing industry in 2003, the same year he became a permanent resident of Singapore.

Mirasta Lee is an ex-Australian who considers herself more Asian than Caucasian. She has lived abroad for almost twenty years; ten in Japan and nearly ten in Singapore. She is by day a hard-working kindergarten teacher and by night (and weekend) a full-time maid to two gregarious, young boys.

Lisa Park is a professional and educator working in the creative new media field. Born in South Korea but raised in different parts of the world, she enjoys the adventure of getting to know the world in her own perspectives and dreams of generating special pieces of art work to speak about the world that she lives in.

Herna Susanti grew up in Bandung, Indonesia, and is now a support engineer at an IT company in Singapore. She is a foodie and very passionate to discover new eating places or try cuisines from different countries.

Saranya Eawcharoen is currently a regional marketing head for a healthcare products firm. She has lived in Thailand, England and Singapore, and calls everywhere and nowhere home. She worked in Bangkok in the medical and healthcare fields, then went to the UK for an MBA in 1998. She moved to Singapore in 2007.

Barkha Patel is a communications consultant by training and is spending her time by the Mediterranean figuring out what is next on her professional anvil. Having grown up in Bombay, she moved to Singapore in 1999 and now lives in Tripoli, which clearly indicates - if nothing else - a pattern of wanting to stay in seaside cities!

Viv Palosaari is a primary school teacher who teaches English as a Second Language at an international school in Singapore. She is an Australian, born of two Finnish parents who emigrated to Australia in 1959. She was a nurse in Australia for 16 years and then retrained to become a teacher in her late 30s.

Ping Chu has lived in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, and calls Australia home. She loves dancing, and her latest passion is the Hawaiian Hula. She is adventurous and loves to travel to different parts of the world to experience its sights, sounds and culture.

Kalinga Seneviratne is research director at an Asian media centre headquartered in Singapore. He was born and raised in Sri Lanka but spent 20 years in Australia and now carries an Australian passport. He has been living and working in Singapore for most of the past ten years. He is a journalist, television documentary maker and media analyst with a PhD in international communications.

Melinda Earsdon grew up in Newcastle, England, and has lived in Asia for 15 years. Regional marketing leader for Asia with Mercer, she is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic marketing, PR and communications plans throughout the region.

Arny Lim Pador is an optometrist by profession. She also finished a degree in nursing. She is currently working for an IT consulting firm as a business development executive in Singapore. Back in Philippines where she was born and raised, she worked as brand manager for eye wear, and contact lens brands.

Dorit Grueber was born and educated in Germany but has lived the past 18 years in Asia. She now mentors Singaporean startups in fields like music event management and travel services.

Esther Yap is an educator in Singapore. She arrived in Singapore from Malaysia as an ASEAN scholar, and has since graduated from a local university and had working stints in a few local companies.

Rosario P.S. can proudly say that she is the mother of three young adult kids (a boy and two girls). Now in her 40s, she was born in Baliuag Bulacan, Philippines. She is the fifth in a family of seven children (three boys and four girls), and has been working in Singapore for over 17 years now as a domestic helper and babysitter.

Echo Zhuang is a financial life planner. She majored in Chinese language and literature from a university in China. Born in Xiamen city, Fujian Province, she worked as an editor of a publishing house before moving to Singapore. She has recently joined Great Eastern as a financial life planner.

Bella Peneda is currently a pre-school teacher in Singapore. She has been living in Singapore for four years and enjoys travelling. She enjoys her work with children and has also done another diploma in teaching from MMI, London.

Kriszta Nagy is an English/French speaking tour guide from Hungary. She has a marketing manager certificate – but most of all, considers herself a traveller. She worked for several travel agencies in Hungary, and was also a referee for Tunisia, Malta and France.

Bhavana Rao has been living in Singapore for over 12 years with her family. She completed her studies in Bangalore, studying civil engineering and finance management; she began work in Mumbai as a financial researcher. She is currently working as a workshop supervisor at a voluntary welfare association that provides services for adults with disabilities.

Levy D. Alcantara was born in Tiaong, Quezon, Philippines, She graduated from the University of the East with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. For several years, Levy worked in the Philippines before relocating to Singapore in 1990. She is currently working at the Asian Media Information Centre as executive secretary to the Secretary General.

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  1. A great idea! I really enjoyed reading this book, and its many different perspectives on a global city like Singapore! The stories are very engaging, and I applaud the editor for the wide variety of people and nationalities he has brought together! Entertaining and fun! Tara