Saturday, March 19, 2011

Children's Books with Asian Themes

This is a selection of children’s books with Asian themes:

My First Book Of Chinese Calligraphy by He Zhihong and Guillaume Olive. A book and CD-Rom for first-time learners of Chinese calligraphy. This beautifully illustrated book explores how Chinese words first began, how to draw the 8 strokes, what "radicals" are, and how to use the brush, the paper and the ink to enjoy writing in Chinese. The inclusion of an interactive CD-Rom allows learners to watch videos of Chinese calligraphers, listen to how characters are pronounced in Chinese, take memory tests and print out character practice pages. There are also demonstrations of correct posture and arm movements.

Chinese History Stories: Stories from the Zhou Dynasty - Volume 1 edited by Renee Ting. For thousand of years, the people of China have been enthralled and entertained by stories of real historical figures and events of the past, and have retold the stories until they have become legendary. These tales take the reader back 3000 years and are as dazzling and enchanting as any fairytale. Nineteen of the most important and fascinating tales were translated from their original Chinese for this two-volume set of Chinese Historical Stories. Volume 1 presents stories of kings and queens, generals, battles, and courtiers from the Zhou Dynasty, when China was ruled by kings from 1046 BC to 221 BC. It was the period before the country was unified under a single emperor, when each state schemed to become more powerful than its neighbour, leading to many exciting stories populated by famous historical figures.

In the Country of the Gold-Digging Ants: Two Thousand Years of Travel in India by Anu Kumar. Read astonishing stories about India written by explorers who came to the country as pilgrims, students, traders, voyagers and fortune-seekers from the 3rd century BC till the mid-20th century. These visitors left behind fascinating accounts of their perilous journeys in an unknown land; descriptions of what the people ate, wore and thought; who ruled them and how; the strange animals of this land, and many more startling facts which are often the only historical records of those times. Filled with incredible stories and nuggets of information, In the Country of Gold-Digging Ants brings alive the exciting adventures of eleven intrepid men and women for readers aged 12 years and older.

The Girl Who Spoke Bubbles by Margerie Williams. Princess Nayantara had grown to be a beautiful young lady but she was rude, arrogant, and difficult. One day, when Princess Nayantara looked into the bag that contained the Sadhu pearls that had once belonged to her late mother, she saw only a thin film of white powder. She tasted the powder. When she began to talk, bubbles came out of her mouth instead of words! This story written for 10 to 13-year-olds brings to life traditional beliefs, values and tales for today's young reader. With black-and-white drawings.

Mythil's Secret by Prashani Rambukwella, Prashani. Mythil thinks he's in for a boring time at Archchi's big old house but then things begin to happen. Who lives in the deep jungle and are they friends or foes? How can he make his parents believe the mysterious things that keep happening to him? And how can a young boy like him outwit a clever and sinister enemy on his own? Mythil's Secret is a story about a young boy's discovery of just how strong the bonds of family and friendship can be. Join him on this spine-tingling adventure as he learns to look within himself for courage he never knew he had. Mythil's Secret won Sri Lanka's most prestigious writing award - the Gratiaen Prize 2009.

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  1. This is a great idea to create a website with the Asian books titles! I am interested in the history of Chinese translation and I would love to gather more information about the beginnings of Chinese language, some of the books you present here, especially the first one, seem very interesting, even if it is for children I can still learn something new! Much appreciated :)