Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Distribution Title: Liu Kang: Essays on Art & Culture

This is a new distribution title recently published by The National Art Gallery, Singapore - Liu Kang: Essays on Art & Culture.

Liu Kang: Essays on Art and Culture is a testament to the inexorable passion of an artist who knew no boundaries. This collection of 80 essays, which Liu Kang wrote over 44 years, offers an insight into the artist’s myriad interests: interior design, music, literature, dance, photography, medical science, and the visual arts.

Throughout the essays, Liu Kang’s contributions as a first generation Nanyang artist and art educator come to the fore through his thoughts and ideas about art societies, exhibitions, artists, the development of art education, and the growth of art in Singapore and the region.

Liu Kang wrote his essays in Chinese. There are two versions to the book. One version comprise the original essays in Chinese. The second version has the essays translated into English. Both versions are accompanied by commentaries that help contextualise one’s reading.

The book also contains snapshots of the artist’s life – from old photographs of Liu Kang travelling or painting, to that of the people he wrote about in his essays.

About the Authors

Liu Kang. Like the others of his pioneering generation, Liu Kang (1911 – 2004) did much to realise the Nanyang style, giving birth to an art that drew upon the tropics for inspiration. The Nanyang style has come to be recognised as a milestone in Singapore art history. Liu Kang was a prolific artist who travelled widely to gain inspiration for his art. He also dedicated 33 years of his life to art education, teaching in various schools in Singapore and Malaya. Besides this, he also assumed leadership positions in art societies, such as the Society of Chinese Artists and Singapore Art Society.

Translated by Yow Siew Kah. Yoh Siew Kah is an educator, writer and researcher specialising in the visual arts. His diverse interests include Singapore art history. He has written and lectured on Singapore artists such as Liu Kang, Ng Joon Kiat and Tan Kai Syng.

Edited by Sara Siew. Sara Siew is an editor at The National Art Gallery, Singapore. She is interested in the relationship between visual arts and literature, the art of writing, and the dynamics of national and regional art historiography.

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