Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Distribution Title: One Dish Wonder

One Dish Wonder: A Simple Recipe to Manage Communication Risks is a new distribution title that was recently published by Write Editions.

Everything is about communications. There is nothing that we say or do that does not have a communication implication and outcome that can make or break our business success. An ill-considered management response to a crisis situation, an inappropriate campaign tagline or poor governance are all causes for bad communication consequences.

Understanding communication risks and managing communication outcomes are key organisational functions that a leader can no longer overlook on both traditional and social media platforms. How then do we plan our message, organise our marketing and manage our operations to protect corporate reputation and achieve results?

Written for busy CEOs, leaders and senior executives, One Dish Wonder is peppered with vital points and anecdotes that offer simple yet compellingly valuable advice on managing communication risks. It is a simple recipe to get your 3Ms right – message, marketing and management – so that you can convincingly connect with the people that matters most, and effectively bolster your organisation’s performance. An indispensable guide for anyone in business.

“An indispensable guide for anybody in business...
One Dish Wonder shows you how to get your message
across in a brilliant way to the people who matter.”
- Geoff Burch,Author and Business Guru

“A must-read companion for busy executives...
Her checklists are sure to provoke thought on current business practices and help to define and improve communication on many critical fronts.”
- Associate Professor May O. Lwin, Associate Chair,
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication

About the Author
Juat M. Koh is the Chief Alignment Officer of The Little Blue Dot Consultancy, a communications training, marketing planning and business advisory consultancy. For over a decade, Juat has led a wide array of communications projects and campaigns for the public, private and non-profit sectors, focussing on public relations, marketing and brand management. A perennial believer in how communications and alignment of corporate message, marketing strategy and good management practices define an organisation’s success, Juat currently provides communications consultancy and conducts corporate planning workshops.

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