Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Distribution Title: Our Lands Within

Our Land Within: Passages Through Southeast Asian Communities by Liew Suet Fun; SC Shekar (photographer) is a new distribution title.

Southeast Asia is a physical space marked by sky, water and land. Within this space, 11 nations live in peaceful co-existence. It is a space marked by breathtaking ethnic diversity; a space that astonishes, inspires and confounds the traveller yet endows its society with unusual capacity to embrace a bewildering range of experiences.

Our Land Within takes you on a journey into this complex yet fascinating society. Filled with compelling personal narratives and spell-bounding images, it offers a rare glimpse from within, giving voice to a people while narrating the flux of history that shaped their lives.

Through four chapters of compelling narrative and strikingly beautiful photographs, focusing on music, cuisine, belief and physical space, Suet Fun and Shekar negotiate passages through various communities. They take you into the hearts of the people of Southeast Asia and creates a voice for them.

Liew Suet Fun is a full-time writer and author of 10 other books, including Of Ants, Water and Man, Looking at Laogan – A Journey through Loagan Bunut National Park, Sarawak and a series of books on top Singaporean chefs.

SC Shekar is widely known in the Asia Pacific region for his documentary work and his ability to portray his subjects with great empathy and sensitivity, qualities honed while working as a photojournalist in Malaysia and abroad. His images have appeared in magazines and books. He was commissioned by the government of India to capture images of emerging India to be used as permanent exhibits at the Indian Cultural Centre in KL, Malaysia.

The book was featured on BFM radio. Click here for the podcast of the interview.

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