Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Title: Singapore Shifting Boundaries

Singapore Shifting Boundaries: Social Change in the Early 21st Century

Edited by William S.W. Lim; Sharon Siddique; Tan Dan Feng

This book aims to depict the richly textured and nuanced fabric of social life in Singapore in the early 21st century, as Singaporeans live in a blur of shifting boundaries where past, present and future co-exist.

36 commentators, artists and activists of different ages and backgrounds share their views in stimulating and compact pieces that come in a variety of literary forms, including essays, novel and script excerpts, blog entries and presentations.

These colourful pieces touch on identity, language, culture, ethnicity, sexuality, politics, memory, religion, geography, arts and activism, painting a picture of the complex and vibrant society that is Singapore today.

The contributors are:
  • Alfian Sa’at
  • Braema Mathiaparanam
  • Amir Muhammad
  • Ng Yi-Sheng
  • Bani Haykal
  • Nirmala PuruShotam
  • Heather Chi
  • Quah Sy Ren
  • Jean Chong
  • Sha Najak
  • Chua Beng Huat
  • Haresh Sharma
  • Lucy Davis
  • Sharon Siddique
  • Noor Effendy Ibrahim
  • Jarrod Tam Chun Peng
  • John Gee
  • Alvin Tan
  • Glen Goei
  • Tan Dan Feng
  • Daniel P.S. Goh
  • Kenneth Paul Tan
  • Hong Lysa
  • Tan Pin Pin
  • Kok Heng Leun
  • Jennifer Teo
  • Lee Wen
  • Vadi PVSS
  • Lee Weng Choy
  • C.J. W.-L. Wee
  • Edgar Liao
  • Jolovan Wham
  • William S.W. Lim
  • Zai Kuning
  • Matthew Lyon
  • Zhou Zhao Cheng

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