Thursday, May 26, 2011

Books on Batik

These are a selection of titles that we carry on batik:

The 20th Century Batik Masterpieces by Tumbu Ramelan and Wisjnuwati Mashadi et al.. This beautifully illustrated book features Tumbu Astiani Ramlean's collection of Indonesian batik. The book is organised into chapters based on regions - Java, West Java, Central Java, East Java and Sumatera. Each chapter begins with an overview of the characteristics of batik from that region, followed by details of specific batik pieces.

Batik: From the Courts of Java and Sumatra by Donald J. Harper and Brigitte Khan Majlis et al.. The 71 batik textiles shown in this book are from the collection of Rudolf G Smend. Most date from the period 1880-1930, when the art of batik in Java reached its peak. Emanating from the provincial and stately courts of Yogyakarta and Surakarta in Central Java are hip, chest, shoulder, and head cloths in controlled, orderly, geometric patterns in natural soga brown, indigo blue, black and cream. Brighter colours and freer designs on the sarongs made in Cirebon, Pekalongan, Lasem and other towns along Java's commercial north coast eloquently attest to the blending of indigenous forms, motifs, and colours with outside influences. Southern Sumatra, with its Muslim heritage, contributed large shoulder cloths and headscarves, often bearing Koranic invocations. These extraordinary cloths are complemented by 16 vintage photos from the Leo Hak collection, which demonstrate how batik was worn at court and in other settings.

Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles edited by Ruth Barnes and Mary Hunt Kahlenberg. Including many rare and antique examples, this luxurious volume introduces readers to the intoxicating and complex beauty of Indonesian cloth. Since the 1970s Mary Hunt Kahlenberg has been building her collection of exquisite ceremonial garments and sacred textiles from throughout Indonesia's chain of tropical islands. Dating from the past five centuries and brought together here for the first time in book form, these woven and batiked hangings, ceremonial mats, jackets, shawls, and head cloths form a stunning array that will draw the attention of anyone with a love of art, fine craftsmanship, and design. Large, elegantly presented photographs show the textiles in incredible closeup detail and full expanse, making it possible to appreciate their technical brilliance and rich colors as well as the dazzling assortment of intricate patterns and motifs. Including essays by leading anthropologists and art historians, this book brings readers into a world ruled by the belief that weavings communicate with and transform those who come into contact with them.

Out of Ireland: 50 Years of Batik by Peter Wenger by Peter Wenger. Peter Winger (b. 1937) developed his interest in batik in Germany and Ireland early in his life and has exhibited in Ireland and elsewhere since 1966. This 2007 catalogue from the Kilkenny Arts festival celebrates the 50 years of his batik works. Thirty-three colour plates illustrate the richness of his mainly abstract or nature-related textiles creations.

Batik - 75 Selected Masterpieces: The Rudolf G. Smend Collection by Isa Fleischmann-Heck et al.. This study of Indonesian batik is published to accompany the 2006 exhibition at the German Textile Museum, Krefeld. The 75 masterpieces exhibited are from the Rudolf G. Smend Collection, and an interview with Rudolf Smend is included. The exhibition also marks the centenary of the 1906 first major exhibition of Dutch East Indian Art in Germany. Drawings and archival black-and-white photographs illustrate specialist articles on the 1906 exhibition and on the art of wax design. Each of the 75 Smend batiks is presented in full colour with annotation. Bilingual in German and English, with glossary and bibliography.

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