Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Books that Inspire and Enlighten

This is a selection of books that seek to inspire and enlighten:

108 Ways to Grab My Apples by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. These delicious bite-sized little quotes are based on Tweets, which are short quotations from Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, a modern spiritual teacher who is as dynamic as he is traditional. Placed within the context of contemporary life, love, struggles, stress and happiness, these quotes resonate with every one of us in almost every aspect of our lives. By sharing practical, profound and positive solutions with inspirational insights into relationships, career, family, friendships, animals, conflict and leadership, 108 Ways to Grab My Apples promises many delectable morsels that you'll just have to sink your teeth into.

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Think and Grow Rich is a classic on how "the wealthy became that way". It teaches the famous Andrew Carnegie formula for money-making, based upon the Thirteen Proven Steps to Riches. Each step is clearly explained with a proposed action plan for readers to act upon.

Essential Asian Words of Wisdom edited by Steven Howard. Words are the building blocks of cultures, societies and individuals. People from around the world have long turned to the writings and thoughts of Asia's leading thinkers for insights on personal development, spiritual growth, virtue, success and the need for the continuous cultivation of knowledge. Reflecting on the words and thoughts found in Essential Asian Words of Wisdom will provide inspiration and motivation for your own personal growth and development. Over 400 motivational quotes and phrases from Asia's leading thinkers… plus nearly 500 proverbs from Asian cultures and societies, ranging from Balinese to Vietnamese and from Buddhism to Zen.

Women who Win at Work: Flowers of Wisdom from Visionary Businesswomen by Liane Sebastian. This book brings together wonderful and inspiring advice from 35 successful women, synthesizing the many helpful concepts, key points and values into an eminently reader, user-friendly format that will be a valuable resource for women. They show how it is possible to balance successful businesses with equally successful and healthy family, communities and private lives.

100 Journeys for the Spirit: Sacred, Inspiring, Mysterious, Enlightening by Michael Ondaatje and Joseph Marshall III et al. Travel around the world to some of the most spiritual places on the planet with a collection of star authors including Michael Ondaatje, Alexander McCall Smith and Andrew Motion Certain special places move us at a profound level - with a kind of inner beauty that puts us in direct touch with the spirit. It might be a temple, a church, a commemorative monument, a wayside shrine or a landscape feature that is saturated in the ambience of ancient sacred traditions. Such places are worth taking the trouble to visit. They add meaning to our lives, awakening a sense of awe, beauty or tranquillity. From the prehistoric megaliths of Carnac in Brittany to the Buddhist temple-complex of Borobodur in Java, from the giant medicine wheel at Bighorn, Wyoming in the USA to the Confucian Temple of Heaven in Beijing, this book guides the reader on a journey around a hand-picked selection of 100 of the world's most spiritually uplifting sites. Accompanying the superb photographs are evocative descriptions of each place, many of them from esteemed writers who share with us their personal responses in their inimitable style. For anyone who wishes to seek out some of these places for themselves, there is a helpful gazetteer at the back of the book giving key facts for visitors. By immersing ourselves in those special places where landscape, art and spirit meet in a radiant intersection, we enlarge our perspective on life. This book gives us the inspiration and knowledge to do so.

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