Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Publication: Women Artists in Singapore

Select Books is pleased to announce the publication of our latest title: Women Artists in Singapore by Bridget Tracy Tan.

Women Artists in Singapore is a survey of some of the most recognised female artists in Singapore. Featuring 37 artists and more than 170 exquisitely rendered images of their artworks, this publication is a milestone: a book dedicated to Singapore’s women artists and their contributions to the local art scene has been long overdue.

With insight and passion, the achievements of artists spanning an impressive period of time and range of art media are celebrated. Bridget Tracy Tan provides intimate biographical portraits of the artists, drawing attention to key influences and milestones in their individual journeys.

Women Artists in Singapore is a tribute to the unbridled creativity of women, as well as the sheer diversity of their artistic output and influences. This coffee table book will appeal to all who are interested in women’s art and the history of art in Singapore.

The featured women artists are:

• Amanda Heng
• Che Cheng Lin
• Chen Cheng Mei
• Georgette Chen
• Chern Yet Siew
• Chng Seok Tin
• Cristene Chang Hoei
• December Pang
• Delia Iliesiu Prvacki
• Devaki
• Donna Ong
• Eng Tow
• Han Sai Por
• Ho Hui May
• Hong Sek Chern
• Jacqueline Ng
• Jane Lee
• Jessie Lim
• Ketna Patel
• Kit Tan Juat Lee
• Kumari Nahappan
• Lai Foong Moi
• Lee Su Lian
• Kim Lim
• Lin Hsin Hsin
• Namiko Chan Takahashi
• Neng
• Noni Kaur
• Om Mee Ai
• Parvathi Nayar
• Sandra Lee
• Sanjot Kaur Sekhon
• Suzann Victor
• Tan Yen Peng
• Tang Ling Nah
• Ye Shufang
• Yen Chua

About the Author

Bridget Tracy Tan is Director for the Art Galleries and the newly formed Institute of Southeast Asian Arts at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). She currently oversees the internal and external programming for 3 galleries located on campus as well as spearheads the research into Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art across the disciplines. To date she has hosted and commissioned several important exhibitions, including new video art by rising multimedia artists and indigenous artists from Australia, the debut of Nobuyoshi Araki’s photography in Singapore, Gunther Uecker’s monumental solo exhibition as well as the work of award-winning Hong Kong designer, director and photo artist, anothermountainman (Stanley Wong). She has curated numerous exhibitions of Singaporean and international artists and has been commissioned to write on the work of Cultural Medallion artists in conjunction with their exhibitions.

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