Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Among our November new distribution titles are four titles that aim to provide comprehensive and accessible insights into real estate investment as well as business management:

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investment in Singapore by Roy Chong. Commercial Real Estate is increasingly becoming the next favourite asset class in Singapore. With the recent introduction of cooling measures from the government on Residential Real Estate, more investors are beginning to see how Commercial Real Estate can be an alternative investment vehicle. Yet, Commercial Real Estate can be a totally different ball game. This book presents a guide on crucial aspects of commercial real investment that all investors must know.  Author Roy Chong is the head of PropNex’s Commercial and Industrial department. He is regularly interviewed by the media for his insights into the commercial real estate scene and also conducts real estate seminars.

Property Valuation: Secrets of the Roman Decision Model by Eric Alagan. This book teaches readers to ignore "Affordability" and look at "Fair Value." It teaches how to value a property objectively and within reason - whether as a buyer, a seller, an agent or an owner who wants to keep track. The Roman Decision Model uses: ROI, Market Size, Real Tenure, Risk Appetite and Time Value of Money. It incorporates flexibility, and compensates for changing risk appetite and fluctuating mortgage rate. Author Eric Alagan is a former managing director of a MNC.

Increase F&B Sales: Secrets to Boost Profits by Eric Alagan. This is a comprehensive and essential guide to any readers considering embarking on a Food and Beverage venture. The book covers all the key areas to running a successful F&B business. The details, models and methods will also benefit owners and operators of cafes and restaurants, and even F&B chains and food court operators.
Staff Selection: Secrets to Employ the Best People by Eric Alagan. This handbook takes the reader by the hand to develop a customised HR manual. It provides a simple process to identify and increase staff capabilities in a systematic way. It not only tells readers why but more importantly how to achieve improved hirings. It covers areas such as Need for Additional Headcount; Which Positions to Fill; Calculating Return on Investment; Increasing Talent Pool; and more.

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