Monday, January 16, 2012

Children's Books on Art

Select Books stocks a large collection of books that are great for teaching children about art, both as teaching aids and reference books for the children.  We have worked with several schools to supply them with these titles.  Do contact us about possible events and titles.

This is a small selection of titles:

13 Art Inventions Children Should Know by Florian Heine. From the use of perspective to the invention of the paint tube, 13 examples of some of the most important breakthroughs in artistic technology offers kids an exciting new perspective on the world of art. This new volume in the highly successful "13" series uses colorful reproductions, glossaries, and a timeline to explore milestones in the history of art. Kids will learn about important innovations in art while they discover answers to questions such as: Why was oil painting invented? What were the subjects of the first photographs? How do you depict the world on a flat canvas? Filled with accessible, fascinating facts as well as creative suggestions for independent art projects, this unique introduction to art history shows young readers how art is made as well as how to enjoy it.

Coloring Book - Art Nouveau by Rahel Goldner. Big art for little hands, these enchanting activity books allow young artists to explore the world's masterpieces on their own terms and with plenty of space to color outside the lines.

When I Grow Up I Want To Paint Like Liu Kang (Colouring Book). This book introduces the world of Singapore artist Liu Kang to young children ages four and above through fun and engaging ideas and activities.The influence of cultural heritage and art from Europe and Asia is found everywhere in Liu Kang's colourful and lively paintings. Making pop-up pictures and creating one's very own Balinese headdress provide opportunities for play-based learning about different cultures. The book can be used at home or in the classroom. Biographical information and colour images about the artist and his works are included. A glossary pitched at young readers is also included. This is the second book in the Little Artists series of activity books, which allows children to create new works of art and learn about important Singaporean artists. The first book in the series is When I Grow Up I Want to Paint Like Cheong Soo Pieng.

Earth, Sea, Sun, And Sky: Art In Nature by Barbara Stieff. This engaging book introduces young readers to the enormous variety of art that exists within the natural environment. Art can be a garden; a spiral of broken pebbles or dandelions; a wheat field in a former garbage dump. It can be made of wood carved with a chainsaw or a drawing using dust and earth. It can be transitory-painted on sand only to be erased by waves; or it can be built to last, like sculpture gardens by renowned artists. Filled with beautiful images, this book will help children appreciate the different ways that artists employ nature in their work. It examines an array of examples, including sculpture gardens, mazes, land art, and nature-related works in museums while exploring the works of international artists, including Niki de Saint Phalle, Daniel Spoerri, Antonio Gaudi, Christo, the Ant Farm, Nancy Holt, Joseph Beuys, Agnes Denes, and Andy Goldsworthy. The book provides readers with a wealth of ideas for creating their own paintings, drawings, sculptures, and experiments. Children will experience hours of inspiration as they discover the artistic possibilities that exist in the natural world.

13 Art Mysteries Children Should Know by Angela Wenzel. In this intriguing book, young readers will be introduced to the unsolved mysteries behind some of the world's greatest art and artists. For as long as people have been viewing the masterpieces in this book, they've been asking the same questions: Why is the Mona Lisa smiling? Who was that girl with the pearl earring? What made Magritte's reading woman so frightened? These and other great mysteries of the art world are explored in this colorful, fun, and informative children's book. Each masterpiece is presented in a double page spread with stunning reproductions, biographical information about the artist, historical context and the pressing questions themselves. From Bosch to Banksy, the mysterious life of Caravaggio to the strange room in Velazques' Las Meninas, Surrealism to stolen art-young readers' interests in some of the world's great masterpieces will be piqued by the puzzles they offer and that remain unsolved to this day.

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