Friday, April 27, 2012

Books on Labour Relations and Workers' Rights

This is a selection of books on labour relations and workers’ rights.

Labour in Vietnam edited by Anita Chan, Anita. Two decades after Vietnam introduced a programme of economic renovation commonly known in Doi Moi, the country today allows market competition in industry, and a new working class has been created. This is the first book to focus on the role and conditions of workers in the new economic regime. The authors of the book trace Vietnam's labour history, explore the impact of the socialist legacy and examine the reasons for the large number of recent strikes. The book provides insights into the workforce of one of Asia's most rapidly developing industrial economies.

Migrant Workers in China by Han Changfu. Changfu Han, since 2009 China's Minister of Agriculture, has written this important study of China's rural-urban migration which now involves some 200 million migrants. After an overview of China's post-1968 industrialising scene, population trends and residency restrictions, the migration patterns in Brazil, United States and elsewhere are reviewed. Many aspects of migration and its impacts on industrialisation, agriculture, family stability, education and political balance are discussed. The need for social support programmes and a general overhaul of the present official and company employment requirements is urged and possible practical measures are outlined, with supporting data. Other practical measures to promote the stable absorption of migrants into urban life are outlined. Index.

Labour Market Segmentation in Malaysia Services by Khong How Ling and Jomo K.S.. This substantial study of labour in Malaysian services uses the market segmentation approach as it addresses issues in both the public and private components of the economy. Part One overviews Malaysia's post-colonial economic transformations including growth, structural change and government spending issues. Part Two looks at labour market segmentation and organisation and posits a framework for analysis. Part Three explores Traditional Services employment including small, petty trade patterns and family enterprises, and Part Four deals with Modern Services Employment which tends to have structured wage systems and modern organisational management. With glossary, bibliography and index.

Marketing Dreams, Manufacturing Heroes: The Transnational Labor Brokering of Filipino Workers by Anna Romina Guevarra. This is a study of multi-layered brokering process which recruits, manages and sends Filipino migrant workers from their homeland to jobs of many different kinds all over the world. Filipino migrant workers number at least 5 million and the brokering organistions are involved in recruitment, training and disciplining workers, presentation marketing publicity at home and abroad and also with government policies. These nowadays permit and manage but allegedly do not promote migrant work for Philippine nationals. The author draws case material from nurses and care workers in the US and discussion with brokers and employment agencies of various kinds in Manila and elsewhere. Bibliography and index.

Guide to Singapore Employment Act (Second Edition) by Vincent Gabriel. A clearly set out summary guide to the provisions of the Singapore Employment Act. Insets present case situations. The Act's definitions are set out in the Appendix.

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