Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Books on Childhood Education and Early Learning

Here are five titles on childhood education, early learning and how to nurture healthy, happy children.

Too Much, Too Soon? Early Learning and the Erosion of Childhood edited by Richard House. How to nurture young children's well-being and learning to reverse the erosion of childhood? In twenty-three hard-hitting chapters, leading educators, researchers, policy makers and parents advocate alternative ways ahead for slowing childhood, better policy-making and, above all, the 'right learning at the right time' in children's growth - learning when they are developmentally ready.

The Genius of Natural Childhood: Secrets of Thriving Children by Sally Goddard Blythe. 55% of parents admit they never read to their child. Toddlers watch 4.5 hours of TV daily. So Sally Goddard Blythe draws on neuroscience to unpack the wisdom of nursery rhymes, playing traditional games and fairy stories for healthy child development. Young children love creative play, stories, nursery rhymes and games. These are not only good fun, but are also good for the brain. Sally explains why movement matters and how games develop children's skills at different stages of development. She offers a starter kit of stories, action games, songs and rhymes.

You are your Child's First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin Dancy. This book is about what parents can do with and for their children from birth to age six. Rahima Dancy warns against rushing children through childhood. She advocates a "slow parenting" revolution which will allow children to develop at their own pace, and crucially, will help parents discover confidence in their own ability to parent and enjoy the magical first five years of raising a child. This book will help parents to understand their child's unique personal, mental, soul and physical needs at each stage of development; nourish their child's imagination with simple, home-made toys and materials; enjoy storytelling, arts, crafts, and musical activities with their child; create their own family rituals to ease the daily routine; and value their own ability to understand and care for their child. With bibliography and index.

What Babies and Children Really Need by Sally Goddard Blythe. This book examines the crucial early years from a child's perspective. It sets out the cornerstones which underpin the making of healthy, happy children, including how good pre-conceptual and pre-natal care prepares the ground for healthy child development; how events during birth can affect later educational achievement; why mother, movement and music are the 3 Ms of pre-school education; the importance of "rough and tumble" play for emotional and social development; and the special and essential roles of mothers and fathers. With bibliography and index.

The Well Balanced Child: Movement and Early Learning by Sally Goddard Blythe. The Well Balanced Child is a passionate manifesto for a "whole body" approach to learning which integrates the brain, sense, movement and play. This fully revised edition includes a new chapter on what parents can do to help children reach their full potential, physically and mentally. This practical, inspirational resource will help parents and educators to understand why movement matters; how music helps brain development; the role of nutrition in brain and child growth; and how to help children with learning and behavioural problems. With index.

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