Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Time Talisman Series in the News

Don Bosco, author of our children's fantasy ebook series Time Talisman, was interviewed in a Business Times article on 15 June 2012 titled: "Kids' books: No child's play".

This is an excerpt from the article:
[...]and Don Bosco's varied career included stints as a magazine editor, television writer and lecturer.

"I wasn't focused on any one of them in particular, so it doesn't feel like a career switch; more like my 'current thing', " says Mr Bosco, 41. "Mid last year I met up with a publisher at Select Books to discuss another book idea. But he persuaded me to develop a fantasy series for children, set in Singapore. And my kids agreed with the idea. So that became our Time Talisman series, with two books so far: The Secret of Monk's Hill and Newton's Curse," he adds. 

"Along the way, one opportunity led to another, and I ended up devoting more and more of my time to this. The result today is what you see at my website, SuperCoolBooks.com. I have to admit that I'm just making it up as I go along," he confesses. "But I can't bear to stop."

Read the full article here.

The Secret of Monk's Hill is currently featured on the home page of ilovebooks.com

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