Thursday, July 26, 2012

Books on Orchids

This is a selection of a range of titles that we stock on orchids:

Orchids of Borneo. Vol. 4 by J.J. Wood. This, the fourth volume in the series, contains a miscellaneous selection of taxa. It revises the classification of Borneo orchids, brings the nomenclature published in prior parts up to date, and describes and illustrates a further 100 taxa from a wide array of genera.

The Genus Coelogyne: A Synopsis by Dudley Clayton. Coelogyne is a large genus of Asiatic orchids widely distributed from India and Sri Lanka across southern Asia and the Malaya Archipelago to the Philippines, New Guinea and the south-west Pacific Islands. The genus, as currently conceived, comprises some 190 species, two subspecies and 12 varieties. This account, the first for over 90 years since that of Pfitzer and Kraenzlin (1907), attempts to summarise all of the available information on the genus. The author re-assesses sectional limits, and provides keys to the sections, species and infraspecific taxa. Distribution maps are provided for each section. He also provides a comprehensive account of each species that includes a full description, distribution, habitat, altitudinal range, flowering time and taxonomic notes. Most of the species are illustrated by one or more colour photographs and a black-and-white line drawing of the lip, a critical feature in the genus, is provided for almost every species. Most orchid growers have at least one Coelogyne in their collection. This book will certainly whet readers' appetites for more of these beautiful orchids. The author provides detailed information on how to grow coelogynes and on their hybridisation, based on his extensive experience cultivating them in his own collection.

The Wild Orchids of Hong Kong by Gloria Barretto; Phillip Cribb and Stephan Gale. 126 species and varieties representing all five orchid subfamilies have been recorded from Hong Kong, a staggering figure given its diminutive size. This book provides descriptions and discusses the discovery of all the native species, and the conservation status of each is assessed. Every species is illustrated with a line drawing, and almost all are depicted in photographs taken in Hong Kong.

The Essential Guide to Growing Orchids in the Tropics by Chia Tet Fatt and David Astley. This manual for growers of outdoor orchids in tropical climates follows an illustrated step-by-step approach. Guidance is given on the structure, growth, habits, selection, nutrition, propagation, basic needs, diseases and upbringing of both natural and man-made orchid genera. 200 colour photographs indicate the diversity and delights of the orchid world. 

Native Orchids of Peninsular Malaysia by Chris K. H. Teo. This volume catalogues more than 66 species in 32 genera of the native orchids of Peninsular Malaysia. Research for this book was based on fresh orchid specimens. For this reason, minor details, not discernible in dried herbarium species, have been described and recorded for the first time. The text is fully illustrated by more than 85 colour photographs in close-up, and provides a scale indicating their actual size.

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