Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Distribution Titles: Asian Art

These are recent additions to the rapidly expanding collection of art titles that we distribute.

Imagining Identities: Narratives in Malaysian Art Identities - Volume 1 by Nur Hanim Khairuddin and Beverly Yong et al.  Narratives in Malaysian Art Volume I: Imagining Identities brings together a collection of essays that looks at the many ways in which art has provided artists with the means of imagining themselves, and imagining Malaysia. Writing from different times and contexts, the 19 essays in this publication comprises 5 republished essays written between the 1970s to1990s and new commissioned essays by writers and artists that range across generations and groups. This publication includes 50 years of malaysian art, a visual summary of the Malaysian art through the decades and a timeline chart of key art and historical events.

Seeker of Hope: Works by Jia Aili.  Born in a time of open economy and increasing prosperity in China, Jia Aili represents a young generation worried about losing age old traditions and values in a fast evolving world, questioning the true meaning of life. The solitary figures in his epic-scale and visually stunning works, seem to be searching for hope amidst the ruins of modern civilisation. Seeker of Hope: Works by Jia Aili will showcase Jia Aili's works ranging from monumental oil paintings and installations, to delicate paper works. The catalogue includes an essay exploring Jia Aili's practice relating it to China's modern history and how it has impacted his work, as well as an interview with Jia Aili and Chinese curator and critic Zhu Zhu.

Lee Wen: Lucid Dreams in the Reverie of the Real.  This is is a richly illustrated publication that charts the wide oeuvre of one of Singapore's most internationally recognised artists. Motivated by a strong conviction of justice and idealism, Lee Wen has constantly teased out complex questions about the self in relation to authority and society. Best known for his Yellow Man series of works, Lee is also one of the pioneers of performance art in Singapore, and this publication features many of his iconic performances as well as rarely seen installation works.

The Collectors Show: Chimera - Asian Contemporary Art from Private Collections.  The Collectors Show brings together notable works of Asian contemporary art from private collections around the world. A tribute to the art patrons of today, the exhibition offers an insight into the breadth and remarkable richness of private art collections, and the unique and highly personal visions and passions that shape them. This edition of The Collectors Show is titled Chimera, a deliberately evocative word that references both the mythological hybrid monster and the idea of an illusion, fantasy, or delusion. The exhibition presents contemporary art in all its various and hybrid forms, from painting to sculpture, to new media and interactive multi-media. The works selected eschew conventional spectacle in favour of a reflection on vision and visuality, offering visually seductive surfaces tinged with undercurrents of anxiety. These artworks remind us of the spectres of our age - questions and issues that continue to haunt us and test our judgement at every turn and corner of our new millennium.

Eko (Space) Nugroxo edited by Adeline Ooi and Beverly Yong.  Eko Nugroho (b. 1977) is one of Indonesia's hottest rising stars. He is a member of the artistic and intellectual community that centres on the vibrant central Java city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Working across media, form and presentation, Eko's works often forces an interface between high art and street and popular culture. He works in diverse media, creating paintings, murals, videos, handmade zines with collage and drawings, and also collaborates with local machinists to produce beautiful embroideries. Eko has participated in numerous international shows. This is his first monograph, and documents the artist's career from the early 2000s up till 2011. Includes an in-depth interview by Enin Supriyanto with the artist.

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