Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Books on Peranakan Cooking

This is a selection of books that we carry on Peranakan cooking:

Growing Up in a Nonya Kitchen: Singapore Recipes from My Mother by Sharon Wee.  This memoir-cum-cookbook is a treasure store for would-be nonya cooks. An account of the author's family background in pre-World War II Singapore and the way of life of similar traditional Straits Chinese families introduces memories of her mother's hands-on Peranakan cuisine. Illustrated descriptions of ingredients and implements used introduce the 130 illustrated recipes for the increasingly sought-after Peranakan dishes. With archival photographs and index.

Peranakan Heritage Cooking by Philip Chia. Singapore's unique culinary heritage is being enhanced by this series of Heritage Cookbooks. After a delightfully illustrated acount of Singapore's Peranakan (or Straits Chinese) community and way of life, basic recipes and methods are set out. Recipes for some 60 well-loved family cooked dishes are illustrated. Some 35 of the herbs, spices and other ingredients essential to the Peranakan table are then described and their usages explained. With menu suggestions, archival photographs, and index.

Peranakan Cuisine Simplified: A Nyonya's Culinary Heritage by Irene Khong. Intended for the busy housewife or weekend cook new to cooking Peranakan dishes at home, these 150 clearly set out recipes will be widely welcomed. Some of the most celebrated Penang and Malacca delicacies are included and kitchen tips for the amateur are drawn from many sources. Short cuts are favoured! With index and colour photographs.

Classic Peranakan Cooking: Recipes from the Straits Chinese Kitchen. The Peranakans, or Straits Chinese, are a people whose culture is characterised by a blend of Chinese and Malay beliefs, customs and practices. Beginning with the same foundation several centuries ago, their cuisine grew and became refined with Indonesian, Thai, Indian and even colonial influences. This treasury of Peranakan recipes is compiled from MediaCorp TV12's popular cooking show, The Ways of the Matriarch. It includes quotes from the TV series, and handy cooking tips, offering an invaluable insight into the rich culinary heritage of the Peranakan community.

Modern Nyonya by Sylvia Tan. The veteran cookery writer Sylvia Tan here brings together 70 of her favourite nonya recipes in this delightfully illustrated volume. The first chapter notes significant features in Peranakan food history and its styles including how to create the essential and distinctive rempah or spice pastes. Seventy recipes are clearly set out. With illustrated glossary, index and measurement tables.

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