Friday, October 19, 2012

Event: Book Reading of Incognito, a novel by Lata Gwalani

Select Books and Leadstart Publishing is pleased to invite you to the book reading of Incognito, a novel by Lata Gwalani on Sunday, 28 Oct 2012 at 3pm.

About the book
Incognito, a psychological thriller, tells the story of the lead character Anjali. Her plain and staid life suddenly turns into a whirlpool when she befriends four very different individuals, leading distinct lifestyles. Slowly and steadily, they entrap Anjali into their lives. Anjali becomes the nucleus of their existence. She witnesses their lives from the ringside, and draws vicarious pleasure in their passionate love affairs. Then Anjali inadvertently becomes a mute witness to their plotting of four bizarre murders. Will Anjali be able to extricate herself from the tentacles of her four friends, or is the fabric of their relationship so intricately woven, that Anjali can only be drawn deeper into the sinister labyrinth? 

Four separate stories! Four strong women! Four independent lifestyles that, are as different as chalk and cheese. These women are captured very interestingly into intriguing plots of exotic and surreal locales, blossoming romance and finally a murder-intent.

About the Author
Lata Gwalani is a behavioural and skills facilitator, and a motivational speaker. Lata has a rich work experience of 22 years, having worked in the fields of journalism, advertising, and technical writing. She spent more than 7 years in active journalism having written hundreds of articles on varied subjects.

Sunday, 28 October 2012, 3pm

Select Books
51 Armenian Street
Singapore 179939
Tel: 63379319

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