Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Books on Marine Biology, Birds and Plants

This is a small selection of titles from our Nature shelf:

Guide to Freshwater Phytoplankton in Singapore Reservoirs by Wong Yueat Tin; Lim Yin Mei et al. The Science Centre and Public Utilities Board have together produced this pocket guide to the freshwater phytoplankton found in Singapore reservoirs. These are present in any sunlit freshwater; microscopic in size they are of great importance as environmental monitors, indicating water change and pollution levels. They are also used to absorb heavy metals, and in sewage conversion. Magnifiers have produced these photographs of some 80 species cyanobacteria, green algae and other groups. With glossary, references, and species index.

A Guide to Snails and Other Non-Marine Molluscs of Singapore by Tan Siong Kiat; Chan Sow Yan et al. The widely used Science Centre/BP series of pocketbooks now includes this guide to local snails and other non-marine molluscs. After an illustrated introductory section on identification, on gastropods, their sub-groupings and their basic ways of life, scientific details and illustrations are given for some 55 terrestrial gastropods of various sub-species, some 15 aquatic gastropods and 6 bivalves. With glossary and index of scientific names.

Naturalist's Guide to the Birds of Borneo - Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan by Wong Tsu Shi. This handy guide to the birds of Borneo gives background information on the geography and vegetation of this the world's third largest island, and guidance on national park and nature reserves of particular interest to naturalists. Details are then given of 280 of the 643 bird species recorded in Borneo. An inset colour photo with notes on appearance, distribution, habits and habitat is given for each species plus local and scientific names. With distribution and global status list, sketch maps, reading and resource list, and index.

Bulbophyllum of Sulawesi by Jaap Vermeulen and Peter O'byrne. Bulbophyllum of Sulawesi is a scientific revision of the 123 species and 4 subspecies of Bulbophyllum that are found in Sulawesi. It contains descriptions of all 127 taxa, and illustrates the majority of them with colour photographs, line drawings, or both. The book is organised into sections according to the latest developments in orchid taxonomy; 24 Bulbophyllum sections are represented in Sulawesi. Keys to the sections and species are provided. There is a chapter on the biogeography of Sulawesi and chapters dealing with the island's forests and orchid habitats. Unlike many orchid books which are dependent on recycling old material, Bulbophyllum of Sulawesi is the product of original research and fieldwork. This is how 60 of the species in this book came to be discovered during the course of this investigation.

Singapore Biodiversity: An Encyclopedia of the Natural Environment and Sustainable Development by Peter K.L. Ng; Richard T. Corlett et al. Amidst Singapore's glistening urban landscape there is an amazing diversity of life - wildlife that continues to thrive and flourish in spite of multiple threats to the island's fragile ecosystem. This groundbreaking encyclopedia represents the first-ever comprehensive guide to nature in Singapore and is written by the city's foremost authorities on the natural environment, who describe in detail more than 40,000 species of flora and fauna that make up the island's biodiversity. The encyclopedia comprises two parts: the first is a fine collection of essays outlining issues relating to biodiversity, ecosystems and sustainability; the second part of the book is a comprehensive A-Z directory of over 1,500 entries, covering virtually every known organism found in Singapore. This unique reference work is not only academically rigorous - based as it is on the latest cutting-edge data and fieldwork - but its richly illustrated presentation is eminently suitable for a wider, non-specialist readership.

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