Saturday, February 23, 2013

Asian Children's Books

These are new children’s books with Asian themes and settings:

Little Monkey King's Journey (In Chinese and English) by Li Jian. Long long ago, an old magic stone suddenly cracked open after lying in the sunlight and moonlight for thousands of years. From the shell of the stone, a little Monkey was born. Adopted by the Monkey King in the mountain, Little Monkey was very naughty and playful. One day, while playing in a tree, he fell. When the Monkey King tried to save Little Monkey, he was terribly injured. To save the Monkey King, Little Monkey had to journey across the ocean in search of the immortal pill. With help from the Immortal Turtle, the Phoenix, the Dragon King and the Immortal, the Little Monkey gained a powerful body. Could he find his way home to save the Monkey King?

Asian Tales: Penpal in Peril and Other Stories. Journey to Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia through the eyes of Singapore's own young authors. The stories explore mature themes like belonging, identity, loss, resilience, courage, love, family and friendship. All written by authors ten to sixteen. Each story is accompanied by illustrations and a short introduction from the author about how he or she was inspired to write the story. Great for inspiring young readers to write their own stories.

His Share of Sky by Rashmi Narzary. Ten-year-old Barsau lives in poverty but is far from being poor. He does not go to a fancy school but learns the best from nature. His domain is not wide, yet the whole earth is his, as he revels in his own adventures under his share of the blue sky above his contented head and the earth under his joyous feet. Unusual and deeply moving, His Share of Sky is a collection of short stories set in a Bodo village on the banks of the river Jwima. The stories, woven around the carefree life of a little tribal Bodo boy, narrate the different situations - sometimes hilarious and at other times poignant - in which he lands himself, along with his two brothers and many friends.

Little Setu and the Forbidden Forest of Ula by Jui Andhare. Innocent and soul-stirring, Little Setu's story travels from the lush green, open meadows of Sundernagari in the Anadaman & Nicobar islands, to the sinister creepiness of the Ula forest, where Setu and his friend Anila, encounter a series of adventures with the species of the forest and the tribal folk of the hidden realm of Shompen. This enchanting story captivates the imagination while sending out a strong message about the conservation of our forests and wildlife.

The Peranakan Princess: A Sherlock Hong Story Two by Don Bosco. It is 1891 in Singapore. Sherlock Hong is 15 years old, working hard on his studies and trying to stay out of trouble. But one day, he hears about a plot to kidnap a girl with a very special talent. He travels into a magical forest in Malacca and discovers the truth about about an astonishing Peranakan legend.

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