Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Article by Don Bosco on his Self-publishing Journey

Local author Don Bosco has written a very interesting and helpful article regarding “lean publishing” on OpenBrief.
Open Brief is an online publication that shares thought-provoking editorial reads and inspiring stories about creativity & culture in Asia.  This is the link to the article.

In the article, Don explains how he came to self-publish his latest paperback for young readers, Ghostly.  Ghostly is a fantasy adventure story about a group of kids who discover a strange scroll in their school.  In the article, Don explains how he developed Ghostly with his two sons, and managed the whole publishing process from home.

Other than Ghostly, Don is the author of Time Talisman ebook series, which was published by Autumn Wonders, Select Books’s children’s book imprint.  The ebooks are available on Kindle, itunes and Kobo.  We had a previous post about the Time Talisman series.

Don is also the author of the Sherlock Hong paperbacks (#1: The Immortal Nightingale and #2: The Peranakan Princess), which we distribute in Singapore.  These books are available in Kinokuniya and Popular.

This is the link for Don’s website: Super Cool Books.

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