Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Books on Asian Art

Here are new additions to our comprehensive collection of Asian Art titles:

Today and Tomorrow: Emerging Practices in Malaysian Art. This book offers a glimpse of the Malaysian art scene in the making, seeking out and briefly documenting practices and tendencies that have emerged over the past several years which have captured the attention of contemporary audiences. It showcases the works of game-changers and risk-takers in a shifting art ecology with the greater aim of capturing the spirit of a rising generation. Artists featured in the book include recent winners of The Young Contemporaries and Malaysian Emerging Artists Awards. Many of them are painters but there are also those focusing on photography, sound, street art and design as well as performance, installation, video and object-making.

The Collectors Show: Weight of History. The Collectors Show presents compelling works of contemporary art from private collections in Asia. This third edition of The Collectors Show is titled Weight of History, featuring 23 works that show how artists perceive, and re-conceive the multiple facets of history in the Asia-Pacific region. The knowledge, narratives and records of the past, range from the personal to the social, the spiritual to the art historical. Weight of History examines, through the eyes of artists, how the past has shaped, and continues to shape present day societies, as they engage with and evaluate their local traditions and contexts of culture in a globalised world. This publication includes detailed artwork write-ups and contributions from art collectors on their visions on the collecting of contemporary art today. With full-coloured plates of remarkable contemporary artworks that are seldom exhibited, it also offers a rare view into the world of private art collection.

Soo Pieng by Bridget Tracy Tan. This catalogue was published in conjunction with an exhibition on Cheong Soo Pieng (1917 - 1983) at the Nayang Academy of Fine Arts. Cheong Soo Pieng was an influential arts educator and pioneer artist. Featuring more than 50 pieces of artwork including some works never before shown in public and close to 80 sketches, 'Soo Pieng' showcases an unprecedented selection of artwork created from 1947 to 1983 as well as sketches spanning 1943 to 1977. The sheer variety of artwork traces his development as an artist and the various influences that he encountered through his sojourns around the region and further abroad to Europe. On display are mixed media sculptural reliefs, oil paintings on wood/ board/ canvas/ paper mounted on canvas, and landscapes created in ink on paper/ cloth/ paper on cloth. Several critical pieces of his late works that follow his return to China after his departure more than 30 years, are also included in the exhibition, as well as a series of abstract works that have never been seen before by scholars and the community in general.

New Faces, New Works: China Contemporary Art by Zhao Li. New Faces, New Works: China Contemporary Art is edited by Zhao Li, a leading scholar of the Chinese contemporary art environment. In this book, he brings together critics, curators, media professionals and art professionals from around the world to nominate and select the most important events, phenomena, artists and artworks to emerge in Chinese contemporary art in 2010 and 2011. The results have been compiled into three sections of the book: "chronology," "new works from old faces" and "different works from new faces." This book will give readers a firm grasp of developments in Chinese contemporary art and provide them with solid recommendations for collection and investment in this field.

The President's Young Talents 2013. Inaugurated by the Singapore Art Museum in 2001, the President's Young Talents is Singapore's premier commissioning exhibition, featuring the island's most promising artists under the age of 35. Selected by an independent curatorial committee of local art professionals, this year's PYT features new commissions from Boo Junfeng, Liao Jiekai, Zaki Razak, Grace Tan, Ryf Zaini and Robert Zhao Renhui. The catalogue features a dedicated section for each of the six artists, including curatorial essays and artist interviews, as well as showcasing previous works and the new PYT 2013 commission, offering a comprehensive overview and insight into the art-making processes of some of Singapore's most talented contemporary artists today.

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