Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Books on Contemporary Art in Asia

These are recent additions to our wide collection of titles on contemporary art in Asia:

Contemporary Art in Hong Kong by Caroline Ha Thuc. The last decade has seen Hong Kong blossom into one of Asia's true artistic hotspots, with its galleries, art projects and fairs now flourishing along with local and international audiences. At the centre of this cultural renaissance are the artists themselves - working as both products and interpreters of Hong Kong's complex historical legacy. Though often finding themselves at odds with society's values, they have developed a wholly unique genre of art that acts as a vital bridge between a place and its people. The artist interviews in Contemporary Art in Hong Kong expose the countless links between history, culture and identity as well as Ha Thuc's conviction that art not only reflects society, but can also mould it.

The President's Young Talents 2013. Inaugurated by the Singapore Art Museum in 2001, the President's Young Talents is Singapore's premier commissioning exhibition, featuring the island's most promising artists under the age of 35. Selected by an independent curatorial committee of local art professionals, this year's PYT features new commissions from Boo Junfeng, Liao Jiekai, Zaki Razak, Grace Tan, Ryf Zaini and Robert Zhao Renhui. The catalogue features a dedicated section for each of the six artists, including curatorial essays and artist interviews, as well as showcasing previous works and the new PYT 2013 commission, offering a comprehensive overview and insight into the art-making processes of some of Singapore's most talented contemporary artists today.

Today and Tomorrow: Emerging Practices in Malaysian Art. This book offers a glimpse of the Malaysian art scene in the making, seeking out and briefly documenting practices and tendencies that have emerged over the past several years which have captured the attention of contemporary audiences. It showcases the works of game-changers and risk-takers in a shifting art ecology with the greater aim of capturing the spirit of a rising generation. Artists featured in the book include recent winners of The Young Contemporaries and Malaysian Emerging Artists Awards. Many of them are painters but there are also those focusing on photography, sound, street art and design as well as performance, installation, video and object-making.

New Faces New Works: China Contemporary Art by Zhao Li. New Faces, New Works: China Contemporary Art is edited by Zhao Li, a leading scholar of the Chinese contemporary art environment. In this book, he brings together critics, curators, media professionals and art professionals from around the world to nominate and select the most important events, phenomena, artists and artworks to emerge in Chinese contemporary art in 2010 and 2011. The results have been compiled into three sections of the book: "chronology," "new works from old faces" and "different works from new faces." This book will give readers a firm grasp of developments in Chinese contemporary art and provide them with solid recommendations for collection and investment in this field.

Tomorrow, Today: Contemporary Art from the Singapore Art Museum (2009-2011) edited by Tan Boon Hui and Joyce Toh. This is an essential guide to SAM's contemporary art collection. The works featured were brought into the collection from 2009 to 2011, following SAM's transformation into a contemporary art museum. There are over 300 fully illustrated artworks, including significant and iconic pieces from emerging artists and senior art practitioners from the Southeast Asian region, as well as China, India and Japan. This guide is an accessible resource for all artists, curators, critics and writers and art lovers interested in the region and Asia's contemporary art scene.

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