Friday, September 20, 2013

Photo Exhibition - Our Silent Community: A Photographic Essay about the Lives of the SPCA's Shelter Workers and Animals

Select Books is pleased to host a photo exhibition entitled Our Silent Community: A Photographic Essay about the Lives of the SPCA's Shelter Workers and Animals, by two young photographers, Joan Charlotte Tng Hui Xuan, 15, and Lim Ziyi Jean, 14.

Our Silent Community
"The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a shelter that houses both inured and abandoned domestic animals, until they are adopted. With such a limited space, SPCA is unable to take in the overwhelming number of animals. Thus, resulting in many being put to sleep.

As animals lovers, upon hearing the story of these animals, we felt that there was a need for us to create awareness to save these animals. At first, we had some difficulty socializing with the animals as some of them were traumatized or too excited thus it was challenging to get good shots of them.

Much of the work that occurs in at the SPCA goes on behind the scenes and in the early hours of the day. Hence, we had to manage our similarly-timed school schedules in order to capture some of the unique activities like dog-walking, which is carried out before the shelter's opening hours. Despite the challenges that we faced, we were willing to put our heart into developing this project, as we believe the awareness garnered from this exhibition has the potential to save lives."

Joan Charlotte Tng Hui Xuan, 15, Majors in Food and Nutrition at St. Joseph's Convent. Her interests include photography, turntablism, travelling and gaming. She hopes to be the voice for the animals at the shelter through her pictures. Charlotte has practised photography since 2010 and continues to enjoy it.

Lim Ziyi Jean, 14, is a student who specializes in EMath and Art at St. Joseph's Convent. Her interest includes fashion designing, psychology and photography. She hopes to make the world a better place through her works. Jean has practised photography since 2012 and has developed an interest in it. "Nothing is happier than seeing everyone and yourself alive, kicking and progressing".

Debby Ng has documented the natural world and its relationship with society and humanity for over a decade. She is the author of Life of my Sisters, a photographic documentary about the education of young women in Nepal. Debby has taught photojournalism to young women since 2011, with the intent to stimulate social awareness.

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